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1989 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N1677 FC Doc. 89/5
(25 kb)
Canada/EEC proposal for changes to NAFO conservation and enforcement measures regarding incidental catch limits.
N1678 FC Doc. 89/6
(51 kb)
Proposal on 3M cod from the delegation of Denmark.
N1680 FC Doc. 89/7
(67 kb)
The Fisheries Commission request on teh appropriateness of indicator fisheries in providing information on the stock status of cod in Div. 3M.
N1681 FC Doc. 89/8
(28 kb)
Monitoring and sampling the by-catch of cod on the Flemish Cap.
N1683 FC Doc. 89/9
(89 kb)
Fisheries Commission request for Scientific advice on management in 1991 of certain stocks in Subareas 3 and 4.
N1684 FC Doc. 89/10
(35 kb)
Areal and seasonal concentrations of juvenile American plaice and yellowtail flounder.
N1687 FC Doc. 89/11
(229 kb)
Suggestions for draft revision of Part 1V-Scheme of Joint International Inspection.
N1688 FC Doc. 89/12
(141 kb)
Draft revision of Annex V to Part IV.
N1697 FC Doc. 89/13
(560 kb)
Report of the Fisheries Commission - 11th Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, September 1989.
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