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2008 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N5480 FC Doc. 08/1 Rev. (615kb) NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N5493 FC Doc. 08/2 (26kb) Supplementary Request to Scientific Council
N5494 FC Doc. 08/3 (44kb) New Chapter I bis of the NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures - Bottom Fisheries in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N5555 FC Doc. 08/4 (830kb) Report of the Fisheries Commission Intersessional Meeting, 30 April - 07 May 2008, Montreal, Canada
N5558 FC Doc. 08/5 (446kb) Report of the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC), 1-3 July 2008, Nuuk, Greenland
N5560 FC Doc. 08/6 (208kb) Summary of Status of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO - 2003-2008 (to Aug)
N5564 FC Doc. 08/8 (168kb) Report of the Ad Hoc Working Group of Fishery Managers and Scientists on VMEs, 8-12 September 2008, Montreal, Canada
N5571 FC Doc. 08/9 (64kb) STACTIC Recommendation on New NAFO Measures on Port State Control
N5572 FC Doc. 08/10 (16kb) Product Labelling Requirement
N5573 FC Doc. 08/11 (19kb) Standardization of Term used in the CEM for Fishing Gear that comes into Contact with the Ocean Bottom
N5574 FC Doc. 08/12 (15kb) Amendments to Chapter IV - CEM - Article 33 - Obligations of Vessel Masters during Inspections
N5575 FC Doc. 08/13 (49kb) Large-mesh (modified Polish-type) Topside Chafers
N5576 FC Doc. 08/14 (14kb) Modification to the CEM relating to Shrimp in Division 3L
N5577 FC Doc. 08/15 (15kb) Quota Transfer
N5578 FC Doc. 08/16 (51kb) Preliminary Assessment of the Risk of Significant Adverse Impact (SAI) of Fishing Activities in the NRA
N5579 FC Doc. 08/17 (15kb) CEM - Annex I.A (Quota Table) (Footnotes)
N5580 FC Doc. 08/18 (14kb) Proposal to modify Article 11 of the CEM (re Redfish 3LN)
N5581 FC Doc. 08/19 (46kb) FC Request for Scientific Advice on Mangement in 2010 and Beyond of Certain Stocks in Subareas 2, 3 and 4 and Other Matters
N5582 FC Doc. 08/20 (197kb) Annual Compliance Review 2008
N5583 FC Doc. 08/21 (18kb) By-Catch Requirements in Mixed Fisheries
N5613 FC Doc. 08/22 (980kb) Report of the Fisheries Commission, 30th Annual Meeting, September 2008
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