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ICNAF Documents

Before 1965 all ICNAF documents had the designation "Meeting Documents", with no distinction between those presented for consideration at scientific meetings and those for consideration by commissioners. From 1965 to 1972, meeting documents were issued in two series, designated as "Commissioners' Documents" and "Research Documents".

Starting in 1973, a further subdivision occurred with the issue of the "Summary Documents" series, to which were assigned all mid-term reports of meetings of the Commission and of its committees, subcommittees and working groups, all research and statistical papers prepared by the ICNAF Secretariat, all national research reports, and reports of meetings of other organizations on matters relevant to ICNAF.

ICNAF - Research Documents

ICNAF - Research Documents - 1973

Doc. No

Serial No.



73/1 2899 GARROD, D. J. Aide-memoire on the control of fisheries
73/2 2901 HUNT, J. J., L. S. PARSONS, J. E. WATSON, and G. H. WINTERS Report of Herring Ageing Workshop, St. Andrews, N. B., 11-13 December 1972
73/3 2903 PINHORN, A. T. Comparison of mortalities calculated from virtual population assessments and from research vessel survey data for cod stocks in ICNAF Divisions 3NO and 3Ps (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 37-40)
73/4 2904 PINHORN, A. T., and R. WELLS Virtual population assessment of the cod stock in ICNAF Divisions 3NO (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 107-110)
73/5 2905 PITT, T. K. Status of yellowtail fishery in ICNAF Divisions 3L, 3N and 3O, with Addenda 1 and 2 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 125-134)
73/6 2908 GARROD, D. J. Memorandum on the mixed fishery problem in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
73/7 2909 HALLIDAY, R. G. Notes on the status of cod and haddock stocks of the Scotian Shelf
73/8 2910 BROWN, B. E., J. A. BRENNAN, E. G. HEYERDAHL, M. D. GROSSLEIN, and R. C. HENNEMUTH An evaluation of the effect of fishing on the total finfish biomass in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 + Corrigenda
73/9 2911 GROSSLEIN, M. D., and E. BOWMAN Mixture of species in Subareas 5 and 6 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 163-207)
73/10 2912 AU, D. W. K. Total sustainable finfish yield from Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 based on yield per recruit and primary reduction considerations
73/11 2913 AU, D. W. K., T. L. MORRIS, and J. DOHRMANN Preliminary report of ICNAF larval herring (Clupea harengus) survey in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank during December 1972
73/12 2914 GRAHAM, J. J., C. W. DAVIS, and B. C. BICKFORD Autumnal distribution, abundance and dispersion of larval herring, Clupea harengus harengus Linnaeus, along the western coast of the Gulf of Maine in 1972
73/13 2915 KONSTANTINOV, K. G. Status of groundfish stocks and fishery prospects in ICNAF Subareas 1, 2 and 3
73/14 2916 ANDERSON, E.D. Assessment of Atlantic mackerel in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
73/15 3059 SMITH, K. A., and H. A. HUTCHINGS Economic and technological implications of application of effort limitations
73/16 2918 GRIMM, S. Preliminary results of Georges Bank - Gulf of Maine ICNAF larval herring cruise, Wieczno 2-28 October 1972
73/17 2919 DRAGANIK, B. Estimates of fishing mortality and stock size of herring - Georges Bank (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 105-108)
73/18 3060 LENARZ, W. H., and B. E. BROWN Factors affecting estimates of relative catchabilities of fishing units in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 209-216)
73/19 2921 SCHNACK, D., G. JOAKIMSSON, and E. KRETZLER Preliminary results of ICNAF larval herring cruise, Anton Dohrn3 30 October-13 November 1972, in Georges Bank - Gulf of Maine areas
73/20 2940 THOBRO, E. S. Seals tagged in North Atlantic waters, 1967-1972, by Institute of Marine Research, Directorate of Fisheries, Bergen, Norway
73/21 2943 FURTAK, A. Environmental conditions in the region of Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine, Nantucket Shoal, and the western part of the Nova Scotia Shelf, 2-28 October 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 5-12)
73/22 2955 BULATOVA, A. Y. Distribution and abundance of young cod off Newfoundland in April-July 1972
73/23 2956 ISAKOV, V. I. Growth and total mortality of mackerel from the New England area
73/24 2957 SHEVCHUK, L. I. Growth and total mortality of argentine in the Northwest Atlantic
73/25 2958 SHEVCHUK, L. I. On argentine stock locality in the Northwest Atlantic (ICNAF Div. 4V, 4Wand 4X)
73/26 2959 KOVALYOV, S. M., and B. D. KUDRIN Soviet investigations on capelin in the Grand Newfoundland Bank area in 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 121-126)
73/27 2960 RIKHTER, V. A. An approximate estimate of the abundance indices for red hake of Age-group I in view of specifying the total abundance indices and possibility of forecasting the stock size two years ahead
73/28 2961 RIKHTER, V. A. On modern tendencies in the dynamics of red hake (Urophycis chuss Walbaum) population in the Northwest Atlantic
73/29 2962 PARSONS, L. S., and V. M.HODDER Biological characteristics of southwest Newfoundland herring, 1965-1971 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bul. No. 11: 145-160)

Document not issued


Document not issued

73/32 2965 EFANOV, V. N., and V. I. VINOGRADOV Feeding patterns of yellowtail flounder of two New England stocks (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 75-77)
73/33 2967 DRAGESUND, O., and T. MONSTAD Observations on capelin (Malltus villosus) in Newfoundland waters (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 127-136)
73/34 2970 MINET, J. P. Food and feeding of' the American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides F.) on St. Pierre Bank (ICNAF Subdiv. 3Ps) and on Cape Breton Shelf (ICNAF Subdiv. 4Vn) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 59-70)
73/35 2971 MINET, J. P., and J. C. POULARD Winter distribution of cod (Gadus morhua L.) off the southwest coast of Newfoundland (ICNAF Div. 4R) in relation to water temperature
73/36 2972 MINET, J. P. Observations on the French cod fishery in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (ICNAF Div. 4R) during the winter of 1973
73/37 2973 DECAMPS, P., and D. BRIAND Some biological data on the herring (Clupea harengus harengus L.) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, southwestern Newfoundland and Banquereau in 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 109-118)
73/38 2977 MEYER, A. Mean length and mean weight for age-groups 3 to 10+ of Greenland cod living in Div. 1A to 1D and Div. 1E to 1F (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 41-43)
73/39 2978 PETROV, V. N. Maturity, feeding, length/age composition of white hake, Urophycis tenuis (Mitch.), in Subarea 3 in 1969, 1971 and 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 101-104)
73/40 2979 CHEKHOVA, V. A. The trawling survey of groundfish in the Newfoundland area
73/41 2980 NIKOLSKAYA, T. L. Distribution of beaked redfish (Sebastes mentella Travin) by depths in areas off the Great Newfoundland Bank and South Labrador (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 53-57)
73/42 2981 KUDLO, B. P. Water circulation in the ICNAF Area in 1971-1972
73/43 2982 BERMAKIN, V. V. Water temperature in Labrador and Newfoundland areas at the end of 1971 and 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 13-17)
73/44 2983 KUDLO, B. P. Salinity of the waters in the Labrador and Newfoundland areas in 1971-1972
73/45 2984 LEAR, W. H. Distribution and relative abundance of Atlantic salmon at West Greenland and Labrador Sea during August-October 1972
73/46 2985 LEAR, W. H. Catches of species other than salmon taken by drift nets at West Greenland during 1972
73/47 2986 LEAR, W. H., and R. H. PAYNE Canadian participation in the International Salmon Tagging Experiment at West Greenland
73/48 2987 LEAR, W. H., and R. H. PAYNE Estimate of immediate tagging mortality of adult Atlantic salmon
73/49 2990 EVSEENKO, S. A., and M. M. NEVINSKY Breeding and development of witch flounder (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus L.) in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 111-123)
73/50 3022 TEMPLEMAN, W. Temperatures and salinities in the eastern Newfoundland area (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 19-25)
73/51 2992 PAULMIER, G., and P. DECAMPS Studies on the food of herring (Clupea harengus) in lCNAF Divisions 3P, 4R, 4T and 4V
73/52 2993 CHILD, A. R. Analysis of salmon blood samples taken off West Greenland, 1970-1972
73/53 3017 HERMANN, F., W. LENZ, and R. W. BLACKER Hydrographic conditions off West Greenland during 1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 27-32)
73/54 3072 KAPEL, F. O. Age analyses and catch of harp seals in Northwest Greenland, 1953-1972 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 93-106)
73/55 2998 MUNRO, W. R. Report on the salmon tagging cruise to West Greenland by FRS Scotia, 1 August-13 September 1972
73/56 2999 MUNRO, W. R. Progress report on the analysis of age, length and weight data collected during the International Salmon Tagging Experiment, 1972
73/57 3002 MAY, A. W. Distribution and migrations of salmon in the Northwest Atlantic
73/58 3006 JENSEN, J. M. Preliminary report on local recaptures from the International Salmon Tagging Experiment at West Greenland, 1972
73/59 3007 JENSEN, J. M. Length composition in samples of commercial salmon catches taken by observers during the International Salmon Tagging Experiment at West Greenland, 1972
73/60 3005 PINHORN, A. T., and R. WELLS Evaluation of research survey indices of abundance for cod stocks in ICNAF Subareas 2 and 3 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 45-50)
73/61 3008 PIPPY, J. H. C. A critical assessment of the value of Anisakis sp. (Nematoda) as a biological tag in Atlantic salmon
73/62 3009 IKEDA, I., F. NAGASAKI, and H. IMANAGA Stock assessment of common American squid in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 145-151)
73/63 3010 PIPPY, J. H. C., and L. S. PARSONS Morphology and morphometric variations of larval Anisakis sp. (Nematoda) from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)
73/64 3011 RUGGLES, C. P., and G. E. TURNER Recent changes in stock composition of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in the Miramichi River, New Brunswick
73/65 3012 TURNER, G. E., N. E. MacEACHERN, and C. P. RUGGLES Review of Atlantic salmon stocks in major New Brunswick rivers in 1972
73/66 3013 WYKES, C. E. Size and age composition of the 1968, 1969 and 1970 commercial salmon landings in New Brunswick, Canada
73/67 3014 RITTER, J. A. Preliminary observations on the influence of smolt size on tag return rate and age at first maturity of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
73/68 3015 WINTERS, G. H., and V. M. HODDER Analysis of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence herring stock and implications concerning its future management (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 43-59)
73/69 3016 CHRISTENSEN, O. The Danish salmon fishery at West Greenland in 1972
73/70 3019 MacKAY, K. T. Aspects of the biology of Atlantic mackerel in ICNAF Subarea 4
73/71 3023 MERCER,  M. C. Sexual maturity and sex ratios of the ommastrephid squid, Illex illeoebrosus (LeSueur), at Newfoundland (Subarea 3)
73/72 3024 MERCER,  M. C. Length-weight relationship of the ommastrephid squid, Illex illecebrosus (LeSueur)
73/73 3025 MERCER, M. C. Nominal catch of squid in Canadian Atlantic water (Subareas 2-4), 1920-1968 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 153-161)
73/74 3026 GARROD, D. J., and B. W. JONES The stock and recruitment relationship in Arcto-Norwegian cod
73/75 3027 ELSON, P. F. Limited recovery of depleted Northwest Miramichi salmon follows ban on commercial fishery
73/76 3028 ELSON,  P. F. Genetic polymorphism in Northwest Miramichi salmon, in relation to season of river ascent and age at maturation and its implications for management of the stocks
73/77 3029 REINERT, A. Faroese salmon contribution
73/78 3030 ROBINSON, G. A., J. M. COLEBROOK, and G. A. COOPER The Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey: plankton in the ICNAF Area, 1961 to 1971, with special reference to 1971 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 61-71)
73/79 3031 MERCER, M. C. Distribution and biological characteristics of the ommastrephid squid, Illex Illecebrosus (LeSueur) on the Grand Bank, St. Pierre Bank and Nova Scotia Shelf (Subareas 3 and 4) as determined by otter trawl surveys, 1970 to 1972
73/80 3032 PITT, T. K. Trends in the witch fishery in Subarea 3
73/81 3033 PARSONS, L. S. Morphometric variation in Atlantic herring from Newfoundland and adjacent waters (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 73-92)
73/82 3034 PARSONS, L. S., and J. A. MOORES Long-distance migration of an Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus, tagged in Newfoundland waters
73/83 3035 LENZ, W. On the hydrography of the southern Laurentian Channel (ICNAF Div. 3P, 4V) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 33-36)
73/84 3036 DORNHEIM, H., T. D. ILES, and M. D. GROSSLEIN A preliminary report on the German young herring survey carried out by R/V Walther Herwig in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 in February-March 1973 + Addenda 1 and 2
73/85 3039 PALOHEIMO, J. E., and P. F. ELSON The Greenland fishery for Atlantic salmon and Canadian catches
73/86 3040 MINET, J. P. French salmon tagging contribution, R/V Cryos, 20 August-29 September 1972
73/87 3041 PITT, T. K. Catch per unit effort relationship in Grand Bank American plaice (ICNAF Div. 3L and 3N) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 71-74)
73/88 3042 PARSONS, L. S., and D. G. PARSONS An evaluation of the status of ICNAF Divisions 3P, 3O and 3LN redfish (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 5-16)
73/89 3047 PINHORN, A. T., T. K. PITT, and R. WELLS Estimation of numbers caught at each age for stocks of cod, American plaice and yellowtail under quota regulation in 1973
73/90 3048 CAMPBELL, J. S.,  and G. H. WINTERS Some biological characteristics of capelin, Mallotus villosus, in the Newfoundland area (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(111): 137-144)
73/91 3049 ILES, T. D., and D. S. MILLER Size limits for herring: a comparison of the effects of tolerance level criteria
73/92 3050 ILES, T. D., and D. S. MILLER Monthly length/weight relationships for the herring of the Bay of Fundy (Div. 4X) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(III): 119-120)
73/93 3051 STOBO, W. T., and T. D. ILES Larval herring distribution in the Bay of Fundy
73/94 3052 STOBO, W. T., J. J. HUNT, and T. D. ILES A preliminary report on the herring fishery in ICNAF Divisions 4V and 4W(a)
73/95 3053 MILLER, D. S. The Canadian fisheries exploiting the southwestern Nova Scotia (Div.4X-4W) herring stock
73/96 3054 BOYAR, H. C., R. A. COOPER, and R. A. CLIFFORD A study of the spawning and early life history of herring (Clupea harengus harengus L.) on Jeffrey's Ledge in 1972
73/97 3056 BALKOVOI, V. A. Preliminary results of investigations on distribution and abundance of herring larvae on Georges Bank in September-October 1972
73/98 3058 PACIORKOWSKI, A., M. LIWOCH, R. GRZEBILEC, W. BOROWSKI, and S. UCINSKI. A preliminary assessment of the state of mackerel stock of ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, 1968-1972
73/99 3061 BROWN, B. E., J. A. BRENNAN, E. G. HEYERDAHL, and R. C. HENNEMUTH An illustration of the by-catch problem in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(III): 217-231)
73/100 3062 HALLIDAY, R. G. The redfish fishery on the Scotian Shelf
73/101 3063 HALLIDAY, R. G. Landings and catch per unit effort of pollock on the Scotian Shelf
73/102 3064 HALLIDAY, R. G. The flatfish fisheries of the Scotian Shelf (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(III): 79-99)
73/103 3065 HALLIDAY, R. G. The silver hake fishery on the Scotian Shelf + Addenda
73/104 3067 PARRACK, M. L. Current status of the yellowtail flounder fishery in ICNAF Subarea 5 + Corrigendum
73/105 3068 WELLS, R. Virtual population assessment of the cod stock in ICNAF Division 3M
73/106 3069 WELLS, R. Virtual population assessment of cod in ICNAF Divisions 2GH
73/107 3070 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Recent information on landings, age-composition and recruitment of Subarea 1 cod, and estimates of yield in 1972-75
73/108 3071 SMIDT, E. Mean length of cod age-groups in northern and southern Divisions of Subarea 1 (West Greenland) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(III): 51-52)
73/109 3073 KOSSWIG, K. Age and growth of redfish (Sebastes marinus L. and S. mentella Travin) off southwestern Iceland
73/110 3074 POPE, J. G., and D. J. GARROD A contribution to the discussion of the effects or error on the action of catch quotas and effort quotas (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 17-30)
73/111 3075 BLACKER, R. W. A groundfish survey off West Greenland (Divisions lC-lF), 29 November-II December 1972
73/112 3076 HOYDAL, K. A new system of fisheries statistics in the Faroe Islands
73/113 3077 BAILEY, W. B. ICNAF Convention Area oceanographic summary, 1972
73/114 3079 CARROTHERS, P. J. G. Measurement of fishing effort (as discussed by ICES Gear and Behaviour Engineering and Statistics Working Groups, 5-8 May, 1973, Ijmuiden, Netherlands)
73/115 3081 SCHNACK, D., and W. T. STOBO ICNAF Joint Larval Herring Survey in Georges Bank - Gulf of Maine areas in 1972 - preliminary summary
73/116 3082 HILL, H. W., P. G. W. JONES, J. W. RAMSTER, and A. R. FOLKARD A note on the Labrador and Atlantic currents to the east of Newfoundland Grand Bank
73/117 3083 VALEUR, H. H. Polar ice variation off the Greenland west coast, 1900-1972
73/118 3085 TRESCHEV, A. I. Fishing unit measures (revised report) (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1973(III): 233-247)
73/119 3087 WITTMAN, W. I. Notes on the time-space variations in the features and dynamics on the East Greenland pack ice
73/120 3092 ØRITSLAND, T., and T. BENJAMINSEN Sex and age composition and mortality of hooded seals at Newfoundland (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 135-143)
73/121 3093 ØRITSLAND, T. Sexual maturity and reproductive performance of female hooded seals at Newfoundland (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 11: 37-41)
73/122 3094 ØRITSLAND, T. Effort and catch statistics for Norwegian sealing in the Front Area, Newfoundland, in 1973
73/123 3098 SERGEANT, D. E. Preliminary report on Canadian research on harp and hood seals, 1973

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