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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

2021 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents

Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR Doc 21/001

N7157 G. Søvik and T. H. Thangstad

Results of the Norwegian Bottom Trawl Survey for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Skagerrak and the Norwegian Deep (ICES Divisions 3.a and 4.a East) in 2021

SCR Doc 21/002 N7160 J. Mortensen Report on hydrographic conditions off Southwest Greenland May/June 2020
SCR Doc 21/003 N7163 H. Fock, K-M. W and C. Stransky

Survey results of the German bottom trawl survey 19822020 with special reference to years 2016 - 2019

SCR Doc 21/004 N7165 R. Rideout et al. Temporal And Spatial Coverage Of Canadian (Newfoundland And Labrador Region) Spring And Autumn Multi-Species RV Bottom Trawl Surveys, With An Emphasis On Surveys Conducted In 2020
SCR Doc 21/005 N7166 D. González-Troncoso et al.

Results from Bottom Trawl Survey on Flemish Cap of June-July 2020

SCR Doc 21/006 N7173 B. Cisewski

Hydrographic conditions off West Greenland in 2020

SCR Doc 21/007 N7174 D. Wan


SCR Doc 21/008 N7175 A. Nogueira et al. Review of Greenland halibut deep-water surveys in Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Divisions Subareas 0 and 1 offshore
SCR Doc 21/009 N7176 F. Cyr et al. Environmental and Physical Oceanographic Conditions on the Eastern Canadian shelves (NAFO Sub-areas 2, 3 and 4) during 2020
SCR Doc 21/010 N7177 D. Bélanger et al. Biogeochemical oceanographic conditions in the Northwest Atlantic (NAFO subareas 2-3-4) during 2020
SCR Doc 21/011 N7176 R. Nygaard et al. Biomass and Abundance of Demersal Fish Stocks in the Nuuk fjord
SCR Doc 21/012 N7179 R. Nygaard

Survey results from the Uummannaq gillnet survey in NAFO Division 1A  inshore

SCR Doc 21/013 N7180 R. Nygaard Trawl and gillnet survey results from the Disko Bay, NAFO Division 1A Inshore
SCR Doc 21/014 N7181 R. Nygaard and A. Nogueira

Biomass and Abundance of Demersal Fish Stocks off West and East Greenland estimated from the Greenland Institute of Natural resources (GINR) Shrimp and Fish Survey (SFW), 1990-2020

SCR Doc 21/015 N7182 R. Nygaard

Survey results from the Upernavik Gillnet survey, NAFO Division 1Ainshore

SCR Doc 21/016 N7184 P. Regular et al. NAFOdown: An R Markdown Template for Producing NAFO Scientific Council Documents
SCR Doc 21/017 N7185 D. González-Troncoso et al. Assessment of the Cod Stock in NAFO Division 3M
SCR Doc 21/018 N7186 D. Parsons et al. 2021 Assessment of Yellowtail Flounder in NAFO Divisions 3LNO using a Stock Production Model in a Bayesian Framework
SCR Doc 21/019 N7187 D. Parson et al. Divisions 3LNO Yellowtail Flounder (Limanda ferruginea) in the 2018-2020 Canadian Stratified Bottom Trawl Surveys
SCR Doc 21/020 N7188 A. Perreault, L. Wheeland and N. Cadigan Updated state-space model for American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) in Div. 3LNO
SCR Doc 21/021 N7189 I. Garrido et al. Analysis of 3M cod catch in all the fisheries across the Flemish Cap
SCR Doc 21/022 N7190 M.R. Simpson and C.M. Miri

An Assessment of White Hake (Urophycis tenuis, Mitchill 1815) in NAFO Divisions 3N, 3O, and Subdivision 3Ps


SCR Doc 21/023

N7191 F. Cyr and D. Bélanger

Environmental indices for NAFO subareas 0 to 4 in support of the Standing Committee on Fisheries Science (STACFIS)

SCR Doc 21/024 N7192 I. Garrido et al. Analysis of the by-catch of the moratorium stocks in the NRA
SCR Doc 21/025 N7193 L. Wheeland

An exploration of the impact of natural mortality assumptions in a Virtual Population Analysis for Divisions 3LNO American Plaice

SCR Doc 21/026 N7194 P.M. Regular et al.

Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KLMNO: stock trends based on annual Canadian research vessel survey results

SCR Doc 21/027     **Retracted**
SCR Doc 21/028 N7196 M. Simpson et al. Spatial-temporal variation in Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) bycatch in the NAFO Regulatory Area
SCR Doc 21/029 N7197 K. Fomin

Capelin Stock Assessment in NAFO Divisions 3NO Based on Data from Trawl Surveys

SCR Doc 21/030 N7198 R. Rideout et al. Exploration of alternative ADAPT model formulations for the assessment of Atlantic Cod in Divs. 3NO
SCR Doc 21/031 N7199 R. Rideout et al. An Updated Assessment of the Cod Stock in NAFO Divisions 3NO
SCR Doc 21/032 N7200 R. Kumar et al. Spatial state-space survey-based stock assessment (SSURBA) model for the Grand Bank stock of American plaice
SCR Doc 21/033 N7201 K. Hedges et al. Greenland shark bycatch data in NAFO Subareas 0+1
SCR Doc 21/034 N7203 R. Alpoim  
SCR Doc 21/035 N7204 L. Wheeland et al.

Assessment of American Plaice in Div. 3LNO

SCR Doc 21/036 N7211 P. Fratantoni

Hydrographic Conditions on the Northeast United States Continental Shelf in 2020 – NAFO Subareas 5 and 6

SCR Doc 21/037 N7212 I. Yashayaev et al.

Meteorological, Sea Ice, and Oceanographic Conditions in the Labrador Sea during 2020

SCR Doc 21/038 N7214 J.M. Casas Sánchez

Division 3M Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) – Interim Monitoring Update

SCR Doc 21/039 N7215 D González Troncoso, I Garrido and F González-Costas Effect in survey indices of removing stations in the NAFO closed Areas in the design of the EU surveys 
SCR Doc 21/040 N7238 AD. Burmeister and F. Rigét The Fishery for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off West Greenland, 1970–2021
SCR Doc 21/041 N7239 AD. Burmeister

Catch Table Update for the West Greenland Shrimp Fishery

SCR Doc 21/042 N7240 AD. Burmeister and F. Rigét

A Provisional Assessment of the Shrimp Stock off West Greenland in 2021

SCR Doc 21/043 N7241 T. Buch et al. The Fishery for Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Denmark Strait / off East Greenland 1978 – 2021
SCR Doc 21/044 N7242 F. Rigit et al. Applying a stochastic surplus production model (SPiCT) to the East Greenland Stock of Northern Shrimp
SCR Doc 21/045 N7243 Burmeister Reply to the Canadian Request for Advice of Shrimps in Subarea 0 and 1
SCR Doc 21/046 N7245

O. Ritzau Eigaard and G. Søvik

New data and information on the northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) stock in Division 4.a West (Northern North Sea, Fladen Ground)

SCR Doc 21/047 N7246 J.M. Casas Sánchez Northern Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap Surveys 2021
SCR Doc 21/048 N7248 R. Waller et al. Summary of the Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem Indicators Observed in the NAFO Closed Areas on the Okeanos Explorer Expedition “2021 North Atlantic Stepping Stones: New England and Corner Rise Seamounts”
SCR Doc 21/049 N7252 S. Wang et al. Advances in the Assessment of Habitat Fragmentation and Protection in the NAFO Regulatory Area
SCR Doc 21/050 N7253 M. Sacau et al. New preliminary data on VME encounters in NAFO Regulatory Area (Divs. 3MNO) from EU; EU-Spain and Portugal Groundfish Surveys (2021) and Canadian surveys (2020 Fall)
SCR Doc 21/051 N7195

P. Durán Muñoz and M. Sacau

Information on activities other than fishing (offshore oil and gas) in the NAFO Convention Area:  Implications for the development of the Ecosystem Summary Sheets (Divisions 3LNO and 3M)
SCR Doc 21/052 N7255

S. Bakanev

Russian fishery for the northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Barents Sea in 2000-2021


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