Scientific Council Summary Documents (SCS)

2019 Scientific Council Summary (SCS) documents

Serial No.
Doc. No.
N6902 SCS Doc. 19/01
The Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 2019 and Beyond of Certain Stocks in Subareas 2, 3 and 4 and Other Matters (209 kb)
N6909 SCS Doc. 19/02

Denmark (on behalf of Greenland) Requests for Scientific Advice on Management in 2020 of Certain Stocks in Subarea 0  and 1. (107 kb)

N6910 SCS Doc. 19/03

Canada's Request for Coastal State Advice - 2020 (468 kb)

N6911 SCS Doc. 19/04 NAFO Scientific Council Flemish Cap (NAFO Div. 3M) Cod Stock Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE)

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