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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

ICNAF - Research Documents - 1965

Doc. No

Serial No.



65/1 1463 CWP Secretary Report of fourth session of Continuing Working Party on fisheries statistics in the North Atlantic, Rome, Italy, 9-12 March 1965
65/2 1454 HENNEMUTH, R. C. Analysis of age readings from the cod otolith exchange program (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 145-147)
65/3 1455 GRAHAM, H. W., and J. L. HART Meeting of Canadian and US scientists, Woods Hole, Mass., USA, 1-3 December 1964
65/4 1456 ICES Extracts from report of statistical newsletter working group
65/5 1464 FAO Fisheries Division Catches in the North Atlantic, 1963 (Publ. in FAO Bull. Fish. Stat. No.6)
65/6 1460 ICES Report of the ICES Statistical Committee, 1964
65/7 1465 FAO Fisheries Division Preliminary annual catches in the Northwest Atlantic, 1964 (see ICNAF Stat. Bull. Vol. 14)
65/8 1466 CWP Secretary Proposed final version of form STANA 1W with draft notes for completion of forms STANA 1W and 2
65/9 1469 GRAHAM, H. W. United States research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(II): 123-141)
65/10 1470 BRATBERG, E. Norwegian research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 68-90)
65/11 1471 MEYER, A., and J. MESSTORFF German research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 52-65)
65/12 1472 TEMPLEMAN, W., and J. L. HART Canadian research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 3-35)
65/13 1473 LUCAS, C. E., and R. J. H. BEVERTON United Kingdom research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965 (II) : 120-122)
65/14 1474 LIMA-DIAS, M. Portuguese research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(II): 95-102)
65/15 1475 HANSEN, P. M., and F. HERMANN Danish research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 36-51)
65/16 1476 CHRZAN, F. Polish research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 91-94)
65/17 1477 JONSSON, J. Icelandic research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 66-67)
65/18 1502 BOGDANOV, A. S., K. G. KONSTANTINOV, and A. S. NOSKOV USSR research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 105-119)
65/19 1479 ARAMBARRI, J. L., O. CENDRERO, and A. FIGUERAS Spanish research report, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(11): 103-104)
65/20 1480 LETACONNOUX, R. H. French research report, 1964
65/21 1481 OLSEN, S. Report of 1964 annual meeting of ICES
65/22 1482 CENDRERO, O. Some aspects of the biology of cod from the Newfoundland fishing grounds in 1964
65/23 1483 MEYER, A. Results of cod tagging by the Federal Republic of Germany in the Greenland area from 1959 to 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(III): 145-147)
65/24 1484 FIGUERAS, A. Age and growth of cod caught by the Spanish traw1er Aquilon in Subareas 2-4 in 1964
65/25 1485 TEMPLEMAN, W. Some of the unknowns in research information necessary for calculations of maximum sustained yields of commercial fishes in the ICNAF area (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(III): 153-163)
65/26 1486 ICNAF Secretariat List of common and scientific names of species used by ICNAF (see ICNAF Stat. Bull. Vol. 16: 10-11)
65/27 1487 SPAIN Report of tags recaptured by the Spanish fishing fleet in the ICNAF area in 1963 and 1964
65/28 1488 GULLAND, J. A. The use of redfish statistical data by depth zones (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 164-166)
65/29 1491 LAUZIER, L. M. Another cold year: 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 167-171)
65/30 1493 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Report on the operation of the 10 percent annual exemption to the mesh regulation, 1964
65/31 1494 BOHL, H. Comparative selection experiments with polypropylene and polyamide codends (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1966(111): 85-92)
65/32 1496 PINHORN, A. T., and R. WELLS. Breakdown of catch by type of gear in the Newfoundland inshore cod fishery, 1963
65/33 1497 NETZEL, J., and E. STANEK Some biological characteristics of blueback, Pomolobus aestivalis (Mitch.), and alewife, Pomolobus psuedoharengus (Wils.), based on sampling material taken on Georges Bank, July and October 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 106-110)
65/34 1498 NETZEL, J., and E. STANEK The size and sexual maturity of herring (Clupea harengus L.) on the fishing grounds of Nova Scotia and Georges Bank, July 1964
65/35 1499 CHRZAN, F., and C. ZUKOWSKI Some characteristics of argentine (Argentina silus Ascanius) occurring in the region of Nova Scotia (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 81-85)
65/36 1500 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Defects in the recovering and reporting of cod tagged by Denmark in Subarea 1 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 172-177)
65/37 1501 TRUSKANOV, M. D., and M. N. SCHERBINO Methods of direct calculation of fish concentrations by means of hydroacoustic apparatus (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. Vol. 3: 70-80)
65/38 1478 ARAMBARRI, J. Summary of the 1964 Spanish fishing season
65/39 1503 KONSTANTINOV, K. G. Brief information on adult fishes sampled during the investigations carried out in accordance with the NORWESTLANT programme in 1963 (Publ. in ICNAF Spec. Publ. No. 7(1): 219-224)
65/40 1504 BOYAR, H. C. Age, length and state of maturity of adult herring in Subarea 5
65/41 1505 TOKAREVA, G. I. Assessment of the crop of separate year-classes of the "beaked" redfish (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(III): 178-180)
65/42 1506 BLACKER, R. W. Report on the otolith photograph exchange program
65/43 1507 * TOKAREVA, G. I. Some data on the distribution of young Sebastes mentella Tr. in the Labrador-Newfoundland area (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 64-69)
65/44 1508 SANDEMAN, E. J. The occurrence of some regulated fish species with redfish in research vessel catches in ICNAF Divisions 3N, 30, 3P, 4RST and 4VW
65/45 1509 McCRACKEN, F. D. Operation of the 10% exemption clause for Canadian mainland otter trawlers in 1963
65/46 1510 SAVVATIMSKY, P. I., and 1. N. SIDORENKO Results of investigations on deep-sea redfish (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 3: 49-54)
65/47 1511 ZAKHAROV, G. P. The distribution of pelagic redfish fry in the East and West Greenland areas (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 26-31)
65/48 1512 POSGAY, J. A., and E. B. HAYNES The weight-length ratio of Georges Bank sea scallops (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 32-48)
65/49 1513 BROWN, B.E. United States report on methods of estimating discards in 1964
65/50 1514 ANTHONY, V. C., and J. CHENOWETH Changes in the measurements of length and weight of Maine sardines due to freezing, brining and salting (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 181-189)
65/51 1516 ICNAF Secretariat Review of conversion and yield factors (see ICNAF Stat. Bull. Vol. 16: 9)
65/52 1518 ICNAF Secretariat Report of trawl materials and mesh size sampling, 1964 (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1966(111): 191-200)
65/53 1519 POWLES, P. M. Validity of the otolith method of age determination for American plaice in Div. 4T (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 103-105)
65/54 1520 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Review of sampling procedures used by ICNAF member countries for estimating discarded and industrial fish
65/55 1521 HUMPHREYS, R. D. The effect of storage on the length and weight of herring (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965 (III): 190-193)
65/56 1522 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Some preliminary results of Danish cod tagging experiments in Greenland waters in the years 1946-63
65/57 1523 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Fishing activity, effort and intensity in Subarea 1, 1952-63
65/58 1524 HODDER, V. M. Redfish fishing by Canadian (Nfld) trawlers in the light of proposals for exemption of regulated species in Subarea 3
65/59 1526 ICNAF Secretariat Annotated papers pertinent to ICNAF published in 1964 + Addendum
65/60 1527 EVERHART, W. H., and A. L. MEISTER Catches of Atlantic salmon from the State of Maine, USA, in Greenland waters
65/61 1528 JENSEN, A. C., and R. C. HENNEMUTH Size selection and retainment of silver and red hake in nylon codends of trawl nets (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 86-102)
65/62 1529 ICNAF Secretariat Summary of ICNAF Statistics 3 (statistics on fishing effort) for the year 1963
65/63 1531 von BRANDT, A. Netting twines for trawls
65/64 1532 ICNAF Secretariat Review of ICNAF Statistics Form 4A and 4B (statistics on discards and industrial fish)
65/65 1533 KELLY, G. F., and F. E. NICHY Progress report on the cooperative study of ageing silver hake
65/66 1534 TRESCHEV, A. I. The effect of chafers on strength durability and selectivity of trawls in relation to cod (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1966(111): 132-142)
65/67 1535 SEREBRYAKOV, V. P. Cod spawning in Greenland waters
65/68 1536 HODDER, V. M. Trends in the haddock fishery of Subarea 3 (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No.3: 55-63)
65/69 1538 HANSEN, P. M. Preliminary report on recaptures in Subarea 1 of salmon tagged in rivers of America and Europe (Publ. in ICNAF Redbook 1965(111): 194-201)
65/70 1539 UNITED KINGDOM Greenland salmon catches and notes on relevant Scottish catches and taggings
65/71 1540 HART, J. L. Status of fisheries and research carried out in Subarea 4 (see ICNAF Annu. Proc. Vol. 15: 42-44)
65/72 1541 UNITED KINGDOM English tagged salmon caught off Greenland
65/73 1542 BOGDANOV, A. S. Cod tagging conducted by Soviet scientists in the waters off West Greenland, 1960-64
65/74 1543 SAUNDERS, R. L. Comments on Canadian salmon populations in relation to the West Greenland fishery
65/75 1545 JONSSON, J. Tagging of cod in Icelandic waters
65/76 1546 GRAHAM, H. W. Report on the status of fisheries and research in Subarea 3 during 1963 (see ICNAF Annu. Proc. Vol. 15: 40-42)
65/77 1547 SAUER, C. D. CODC status report on ICNAF Special Publication No. 7 (see ICNAF Spec. Publ. No. 7(1 to IV), published in 1968)
65/78 1548 BOGDANOV, A. S. Review of status of fisheries and research carried out in Subarea 2 in 1964 (see ICNAF Annu. Proc. Vol. 15: 38-40)
65/79 1549 HANSEN, P. M. Summary of research and status of fisheries in Subarea 1, 1964 (see ICNAF Annu. Proc. Vol. 15: 36-38)
65/80 1551 STUDENETSKY, S. A. Review of status of fisheries and research carried out in Subarea 5 in 1964 (see ICNAF Annu. Proc. Vol. 15: 45-46)

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