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2014 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N6272 FC Doc. 14/01 (2.6 MB)
NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N6283 FC Doc. 14/02 (479kb) Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM) meeting
N6291 FC Doc. 14/03 (1.0 MB) Report of the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC), 5-7 May 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
N6345 FC Doc. 14/04 (656kb)

Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM) meeting, 17-18 June 2014

N6369 FC Doc. 14/05 (163kb)

Summary of Status of Proposals and Resolutions of NAFO – 2010- Aug. 2014

N6346 FC Doc. 14/06 (2.4 MB) Report of the Fisheries Commission Ad hoc Working Group to Reflect on the Rules Governing Bycatches, Discards and Selectivity in the NAFO Regulatory Area, 7-8 July 2014 Nova Scotia, Canada
N6372 FC Doc 14/07 (266 kb) Revision of NCEM, Article 16
N6373 FC Doc 14/08 (71 kb) Redundancy of Footnote 8 in CEM Annex I.A
N6374 FC Doc 14/09 (129 kb) Proposal to require the use of the IMO numbering scheme for NAFO vessels
N6375 FC Doc 14/10 (179 kb) Establishment of two additional Area Closures to Protect VMEs
N6376 FC Doc 14/11 (417 kb) Reopening of Witch Flounder in Divisions 3NO 

FC Doc 14/12 (262 kb)

Amend Annex II.D.D.2.B “Return error numbers” of NCEM
N6378 FC Doc 14/13 (179 kb) Proposed changes to Chapter II – Bottom Fisheries in the NRA
N6379 FC Doc 14/14 (172 kb) Proposed changes to Chapter VIII – Non Contracting Party Scheme
N6380 FC Doc 14/15 (87 kb) Provision of haul by haul logbook data to the Secretariat
N6381 FC Doc 14/16 (163 kb) The use of the two letter code DS (Directed species) in the NCEM
N6382 FC Doc 14/17 (117 kb) Closure of the RED 3M “directed fishery”
N6383 FC Doc 14/18 (108 kb) Consistent approach to address Serious Infringements detected at sea and in port 
N6384 FC Doc 14/19 (127 kb) Amendment to Article 14 of NCEM
N6385 FC Doc 14/20 (76 kb) Notification to Inspecting CP regarding additional procedures for Serious Infringements
N6386 FC Doc 14/21 (1.0 MB) Annual Compliance Review 2014, for fishing year 2013
N6387 FC Doc 14/22 (230 kb) NAFO Information Security and Management System (ISMS)
N6388 FC Doc 14/23 (219 kb) To establish a WG to review the Observer Scheme and make recommendations to STACTIC for improvements
N6389 FC Doc 14/24 (335 kb) TOR for Ad Hoc WG on Port State Control Alignment (AHWGPSCA)
N6391 FC Doc 14/25 (137 kb) Amendment of New England Seamounts closure defined in Article 16.1
N6392 FC Doc 14/26 (192 kb) Recommendations from FCSC WG-RBMS to FC and SC
N6393 FC Doc 14/27 (104 kb) Recommendations from FCSC WG-EAFFM to FC and SC
N6398 FC Doc 14/28 Rev. 2
(282 kb)
FC Request for Scientific Advice
N6399 FC Doc 14/29 (418 kb) Risk-Based Management Strategy for 3LN Redfish
N6400 FC Doc 14/30 (416 kb) Catch Validation – A Collaborative Approach
N6401 FC Doc 14/31 (414 kb) Bycatch and Discard Reporting in NAFO Fishing Operations
N6402 FC Doc 14/32 Rev
(227 kb)
Recommendations from the WG-BDS to forward to the FC
N6403 FC Doc 14/33 (221 kb) Recommendations from the WG-CR to forward to the FC and SC
N6404 FC Doc 14/34 (221 kb) NAFO Information Security and Management System   (ISMS)
N6408 FC Doc 14/35 (2.5 MB) Report of the Fisheries Commission and its Subsidiary Body (STACTIC), 22-26 September 2014, Vigo, Spain
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