FC Documents

2016 Fisheries Commission Documents


Serial No.
Doc. No.
N6527 FC Doc. 16-01 (3.6MB) NAFO Conservation and Enforcement Measures
N6536 FC Doc. 16-02
(305 kb)
Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM) meeting, 15-16 March 2016
N6538 FC Doc. 16-03 (2.4MB) Report of the NAFO STACTIC Intersessional meeting, 9-11 May 2016
N6588 FC Doc. 16-04
(243 kb)
Report of the Joint Advisory Group on Data Management (JAGDM) Meeting
N6601 FC Doc. 16-05
(840 kb)
Report of the NAFO Fisheries Commission Ad hoc Working Group to Reflect on the Rules Governing Bycatches, Discards and Selectivity (WG-BDS) in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N6617 FC Doc. 16-06
(337 kb) 
Amendments to Chapter VII (Port State Control) and Chapter VIII (Non-Contracting Party Scheme) of the NCEM to align with the FAO Port State Measures Agreement. 
N6618 FC Doc. 16-07
(158 kb) 
Notification process for the closure of directed fishing in the Regulatory Area for a particular stock subject to an “Others” Quota.
N6619 FC Doc. 16/08
(201 kb) 
Development of the NAFO MCS website and updating of the CEM text to formalize report posting obligations.
N6620 FC Doc. 16/09 (Rev.)
(284 kb) 
Electronic Notification and Authorization (Article 25) and Electronic Catch Reporting (Article 28).
N6621 FC Doc. 16-10
(149 kb) 
New text for EU footnotes associated to CEM Annex I.A
N6622 FC Doc. 16-11
(148 kb) 
Amendment of Article 12 of the NCEM on shark management
N6623 FC Doc. 16-12
(766 kb) 
Establishment of an Additional Area Closure to Protect VMEs in the NAFO Regulatory Area
N6624 FC Doc. 16-13
(150 kb) 
Transmission of aggregated VMS data to Contracting Parties for non-inspection purposes
N6625 FC Doc. 16-14
(130 kb) 
Notification of vessels fishing on the “Others” quota to Contracting Parties with an inspection presence in the Regulatory Area
N6626 FC Doc. 16-15
(157 kb) 
Recommendation from the FC-SC Joint Working Group on Risk-based Management Strategies (WG-RBMS) forwarded to FC
N6627 FC Doc. 16-16
(189 kb) 
Fisheries Commission's Request for Scientific Advice on Management in 2018 and Beyond of Certain Stocks in Subareas 2, 3 and 4 and Other Matters
N6628 FC Doc. 16-17
(197 kb) 
Revised Workplan for the Greenland halibut (GHL) Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) Review
N6629 FC Doc. 16-18
(158 kb) 
Recommendations from the WG-BDS to forward to FC 
N6632 FC Doc. 16-19
(1.0 MB) 
Annual Compliance Review 2016
 N6634 FC Doc. 16-20
(2.4 MB)
Report of the NAFO Fisheries Commission and its Subsidiary Body (STACTIC), 19-23 September 2016 
 N6635 FC Doc. 16-21
(169 kb)
Report of the NAFO STACTIC Observer Program Review Working Group, 18-20 October 2016
 N6636 FC Doc. 16-22
(199 kb)
Report of the NAFO Editorial Drafting Group Meeting (EDG) meeting, 17-18 October 2016

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