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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

1989 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR 89/1 AUSTER et al Bivalves as model organism to elucidate patterns of predation. 223 kb
SCR 89/2 TIZOL Fishery and biological aspects of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) in Div. 4W, 1986-87. 221 kb
SCR 89/3 STEIN & BUCH Are subsurface ocean temperatures predictable at Fylla Bank/West Greenland? 288 kb
SCR 89/4 PETROV & CHECHENIN Results from acoustic capelin surveys in NAFO Div. 3KLNO in spring 1988. 130 kb
SCR 89/5 BULATOV et al Assessment of cod stock in the NAFO Subarea 3 based on the 1988 trawl-acoustic survey data. 514 kb
SCR 89/6 VASKOV et al Estimation of the stock staus and TAC for redfish in Div. 3M and 3LN for 1990. 545 kb
SCR 89/7 KUZMIN Estimation of witch stock in Div. 3LNO according to the data on 1983-88 trawl surveys. 436 kb
SCR 89/8 SAVVATIMSKY Dynamics of roundnose grenadier catch in the Northwest Atlantic. 132 kb
SCR 89/9 ALBINKOVSKAYA & GERASIMOVA Feeing and food interrelations between cod (Gadus morhua morhua L.) and beaked redfish (Seastes mentella T.) on Felmish Cap. 202 kb
SCR 89/10 BOROVKOV & TEVS Overview of oceanographic conditions off the Northwest Atlantic in 1988. 436 kb
SCR 89/11 HUNT Results of a silver hake otolith exchange between Canada and USSR. 132 kb
SCR 89/12 RIKHTER & PETEROPSH On the question of optimum numbers of ageing the Scotian Shelf silver hake. 202 kb
SCR 89/13 BECK et al An update of the fishery for short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Newfoundland area during 1986-88 with descriptions of some biological characteristics and temperature trends. 287 kb
SCR 89/14 RIKHTER Preliminary assessment of the Scotian Shelf silver hake stock size (Div. 4VWX) for 1988 on the Scotian Shelf Slopes from Data obtained by USSR observers. 247 kb
SCR 89/15 RIKHTER On the change of total and fishing mortality rate for older silver hake age-groups in Div. 4VWX by fishing period. 97 kb
SCR 89/16 RIKHTER & TUROK Distribution of silver hake, other fish speicies and squid in 1988 on the Scotian Shelf Slpes from data obtained by USSR observers. 348 kb
SCR 89/17 FUONG On rates of linear and weight growth of Scotian silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis Mitch.). 234 kb
SCR 89/18 SMEDSTAD & TORHEIM Norwegian investigations on shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in East Greenland waters in 1988. 206 kb
SCR 89/19 SMEDSTAD Preliminary report of a cruise with M/T "Håkøy-II" to East Greenland waters in September 1988. 251 kb
SCR 89/20 PEDERSEN Inshore scallop resources, Chlamys islandica, in the Nuuk Area West Greenland. 338 kb
SCR 89/21 NYGAARD et al Young cod distribution and abundance in West Greenland inshore areas, 1988. 129 kb
SCR 89/22 HOVGÁRD & RIGET An estimation of the size of the 1984 year-class of cod off West Greenland from CPUE data in teh trawl fisheries. 192 kb
SCR 89/23 RIGET & HOVGÁRD Expected length distribution of cod in West Greenland waters, 1989-91. 120 kb
SCR 89/24 RIGET & HOVGÁRD Recaptures by year-class of cod in East Greenland/Icelandic water from tagging experiments at West Greenland. 161 kb
SCR 89/25 RIGET & BOJE An analysis of meristic characters of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides W.) in the Northwest Atlantic. 281 kb
SCR 89/26 BOJE et al An anaylsis of genetic differentiation in Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides W.) in the Northwest Atlantic. 235 kb
SCR 89/27 BOJE & RIGET The fishery for Greenland halibut in Subarea 1. 152 kb
SCR 89/28 PARSONS & VEITCH Observations on the new Canadian fishery for Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Division 0B in 1988. 270 kb
SCR 89/29 PARSONS & VEITCH The Canadian fishery for northern shrimp (Panadalus borealis) in Division 0A, 1988. 346 kb
SCR 89/30 YATSU & JØRGENSEN West Greenland groundfish biomasses estimated from a stratified-random trawl survey in 1988. 175 kb
SCR 89/31 YATSU & JØRGENSEN Distribution, abundance, size, age, gonad index and stomach contents of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) off West Greenland in September/October 1988. 275 kb
SCR 89/32 HOVGÅRD et al Modelling cod migration from Greenland to Iceland. 329 kb
SCR 89/33 HOVGÅRD et al Distribution and abundance of the inshore component of the West Greenland cod stock in autumn 1988. 213 kb
SCR 89/34 BAIRD & BIHSOP Estimates of biomass and age composition for that portion of the Division 2J+3KL cod stock beyond the Canadian 200-mile fishery zone. 225 kb
SCR 89/35 BAIRD & BIHSOP The assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Div. 3NO. 1139 kb
SCR 89/36 SKÚLADÓTTIR A review of the shrimp fishery, Pandalus borealis, in the Denmark Strait. 267 kb
SCR 89/37 BRODIE & BOWERING An assessment update for the American plaice stock in Divisions 3LNO. 1233 kb
SCR 89/38 LUND Greendland fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis Kr.) in NAFO Division A1, (Greenland Management Areas NV1 and NV2) in 1988. 342 kb
SCR 89/39 LEHMANN Report on commercial trial fishery for shrimp at East Greenland in 1987. 301 kb
SCR 89/40 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF Report on a stratified-random trawl survey for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Subareas 0+1 in July 1988. 563 kb
SCR 89/41 PEDERSEN & LEHMANN By-catch of redfish and Greenland halibut in the shrimp fishery off West Greenland, 1988. 288 kb
SCR 89/42 BOJE et al Results of the 1986, 1987 and 1989 Greenland-Canada Greenland halibut otolith exchange. 69 kb
SCR 89/43 NAKASHIMA & HARNUM The inshore capelin fishery in NAFO Div. 3L in 1988. 263 kb
SCR 89/44 NAKASHIMA Capelin school surface area index for NAFO Div. 3L in 1988. 175 kb
SCR 89/45 PAZ CANLEJO et al The feeding of American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides), redfish (Seastes marinus) and cod (Gadus morhua) in the Flemish Cap during July, 1988. 437 kb
SCR 89/46 WALSH The fish capture process of a groundfish survey trawl. 940 kb
SCR 89/47 WALSH et al Trouser trawl method of studying selectivity of American plaice: square vs diamond mesh codends. 292 kb
SCR 89/48 WALDRON et al Size of the Scotia Shelft silver hake population in 1988 with projections to 1990. 755 kb
SCR 89/49 HORSTED Status of Subarea 1 cod and the fisheries. 493 kb
SCR 89/50 SKÚLADÓTTIR The Icelandic shrimp fishery (Pandalus borealis) in Denmark Strait. 125 kb
SCR 89/51 MESSTORFF & CORNUS Survey biomass and abundance estimates for redfish (Sebastes marinus and S. mentella) off West Greenland (NAFO Subarea 1), 1982-88, and off East Greenland (ICES Div. XIV.b), 1980-88. 340 kb
SCR 89/52 MILLER & CARSCADDEN Biomass estimates from two hydroacoustic surveys for capelin (Mallotus villosus) in NAFO Divisions 3L and 3N and observations of the Soviet fishery for capelin in Divisions 3NO. 296 kb
SCR 89/53 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF The shrimp fishery in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1988. 841 kb
SCR 89/54 ATKINSON & POWER Redfish in NAFO Divisions 3LN. 431 kb
SCR 89/55 ATKINSON & POWER An update on the status of roundnose grenadier in NAFO Subareas 0+1 and 2+3. 463 kb
SCR 89/56 POWER & ATKINSON Status of redfish in NAFO Div. 3M. 302 kb
SCR 89/57 STEIN Scales of variability in West Greenland waters. 208 kb
SCR 89/58 STEIN & WEGNER Recent observations on the deep waters off West Greenland. 332 kb
SCR 89/59 JOSSI & SMITH Continuous plankton records: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1988. 566 kb
SCR 89/60 VAZQUEZ Results from bottom-trawl survey of Flemish Cap in July 1988. 299 kb
SCR 89/61 BOWERING & BRODIE An evaluation of the status of the Greenland halibut resource in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3K and 3L. 591 kb
SCR 89/62 NOSKOV Peculiarities of recruitment to herring stocks in the Northwest Atlantic as exemplified by the strong 1970 year-classes. 40 kb
SCR 89/63 STROUT Variation in the shelft water front position in 1988 from Georges Bank to Cape Hatteras. 199 kb
SCR 89/64 SANO & FAIRFIELD Anticyclonic warm-core Gulf Stream rings off the northeastern United States during 1988. 395 kb
SCR 89/65 BENWAY Water column thermal structure across the shelf and slope southeast of Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 1988. 208 kb
SCR 89/66 KEELEY Marine environmental data service report for 1988. 411 kb
SCR 89/67 TRITES & DRINKWATER Overview of environmental conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1988. 652 kb
SCR 89/68 BRODIE et al An assessment of the yellowtail flounder stock in Divisions 3LNO. 858 kb
SCR 89/69 HOVGÅRD On the estimation on stock size and mortality of the Subarea 1 cod from swept-area estimates of abundance. 230 kb
SCR 89/70 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF The commercial shrimp fishery in the Denmark Strait in 1988. 510 kb
SCR 89/71 WALSH Distribution of juvenile American plaice on the Grand Bank, NAFO Divisions 3LNO. 379 kb
SCR 89/72 PAZ & LARRAÑETA Cod in Div. 3NO: year-class variations and the abundance of other commerical fish. 192 kb
SCR 89/73 REIMER & ERNST Results of parasitological investigations as an index of stock delimitations concerning occurrences of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Walb.) in the Northwest Atlantic. 211 kb
SCR 89/74 MESSIEH Changes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence herring populations in the past three decades. 1128 kb
SCR 89/75 GOMES et al Fish assemblages on the Grand Bank of Newfoundland. 799 kb
SCR 89/76 MURAWSKI & IDOINE Multispecies size composition: a conservative property of exploited fishery systems? 424 kb
SCR 89/77 GABRIEL Persistence in the northewestern demersal fish assemblages. 533 kb
SCR 89/78 FOGARTY et al Trends in aggregate fish biomass and production on Georges Bank. 730 kb
SCR 89/79 BRODIE Analysis of catches of American plaice, cod and yellowtail flounder from research vessel surveys on the Tail of the Grand Bank from 1971-1989. 497 kb
SCR 89/80 WELLS Fish populations on the Flemish Cap. 1028 kb
SCR 89/81 WALDRON Cannibalism in the Scotian Shelf silver hake population and how it may influence population status. 960 kb
SCR 89/82 PEZZACK Lobster (Homarus americanus) abundance in teh Canadian Maritimes over the last 30 years, an example of extremes. 437 kb
SCR 89/83 TROYANOVSKY On nature of non-maturing redfish (Sebastes mentella Travin) in the Northwest Atlantic. 92 kb
SCR 89/84 BAIDALINOV On the influence of long-term changes of the environmental factors on the state of some fish population stocks in the Northwest Atlantic. 441 kb
SCR 89/85 SIGAEV On possible causes of the Scotian silver hake abundance fluctuations. 138 kb
SCR 89/86 SEREBRYAKOV et al Spawning stock, population fecundity and year-class strength of Greenland halibut from the Northwest Atlantic in 1969-1988. 336 kb
SCR 89/87 BOROVKOV et al Bottom water effects on the distribution and density of bottom fish in NAFO Subarea 3. 376 kb
SCR 89/88 BERTRAND & NOÉ Yield-per-recruit of American plaice in Div. 3LNO. 95 kb
SCR 89/89 ANDERSSON Estimates of age, growth, and mortality of an Alaskan stock of Pandalus borealis Kröyer. 466 kb
SCR 89/90 BERGSTRÖM Preliminary results on growth and age determination of Pandalus borealis (Kröyer) in periodically enclosed fjord populations. 205 kb
SCR 89/91 BOUTILLIER et al An application of the MULTIFAN method for estimating growth parameters and age composition from mutiple length frequency sample to the pink shrimp (Pandalus jordani). 702 kb
SCR 89/92 MOHN & SAVARD Length based on population analysis of Sept-Iles shrimp (Gulf of St. Lawrence). 254 kb
SCR 89/93 PARSONS & SAVARD Some observations on modal analysis of shrimp length frequency distributions. 181 kb
SCR 89/94 SAVARD et al Age and growth of northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Davis Strait (NAFO SA 0+1). 340 kb
SCR 89/95 SCHICK et al The Gulf of Maine northern shrimp stock: current research initiatives and assessment. 407 kb
SCR 89/96 SKÚLADÓTTIR et al The stock size of Pandalus borealis in Fsafjaroardjúp, estimated by VPA and area swept. 624 kb
SCR 89/97 SIMARD & SAVARD A multivariate approach to study the variability and structure of length-frequency distributions: an example with the Gulf of St. Lawrence northern shrimp population. 168 kb
SCR 89/98 TERCEIRO & IDOINE A practical assessment of the performance of Shepherd's length composition analysis (SRLCA): application to Gulf of Maine northern shrimp (Panadlus borealis) survey data. 649 kb

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