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ICNAF Documents

Before 1965 all ICNAF documents had the designation "Meeting Documents", with no distinction between those presented for consideration at scientific meetings and those for consideration by commissioners. From 1965 to 1972, meeting documents were issued in two series, designated as "Commissioners' Documents" and "Research Documents".

Starting in 1973, a further subdivision occurred with the issue of the "Summary Documents" series, to which were assigned all mid-term reports of meetings of the Commission and of its committees, subcommittees and working groups, all research and statistical papers prepared by the ICNAF Secretariat, all national research reports, and reports of meetings of other organizations on matters relevant to ICNAF.

ICNAF - Research Documents

ICNAF - Research Documents - 1976

Doc. No

Serial No.



76/1 3732 Soldat, V. T. Distribution of herring from the Nova Scotia Shelf
76/2 3760 Karaulovsky, V. P., and I. K. Sigaev Long-term variations. in heat content of the waters on the Northwest Atlantic Shelf
76/3 3762 Touron, J. Distribution and abundance of Illex illecebrosus (LeSueur) in Subareas 3 and 4: results of an exploratory cruise
76/4 3763 Lett, P. F., and A. C. Kohler. Recruitment: a problem of multispecies interaction and environmental perturbation, with special reference to Gulf of St. Lawrence herring (Clupea harengus L.)
76/5 3769 MEDS, .Ottawa, Canada. Monthly distributions of oceanographic stations in the ICNAF Area, 1950-59
76/6 3770 MEDS, Ottawa, Canada. Monthly summaries of oceanographic stations in the ICNAF Area, 1950-73
76/7 3771 Huyer, A., and A. Verney Temperature; salinity and sigma-T at Station 27 (47°33'N, 52°35'W), 1950-59
76/8 3777 Rikhter, V. A., and V. N. Efanov On one of the approaches to estimation of natural mortality of fish populations
76/9 3778 Labarta, E. Observations on the capelin fishery of the Grand Banks, Newfoundland, June-July 1975
76/10 3779 Lozow, J. B., and J. B. Suomala A short note on hydro-acoustical echo signal components and their effect on fish target density estimations
76/11 3780 Paulmier, G. Relations between environment, plankton and fishery yield in ICNAF Subareas 3 and 4
76/12 3781 Anderson, E. D. Measures of abundance of Atlantic mackerel off the northeastern coast of the United States
76/13 3782 Anderson, E. D., and F. Almeida Distribution of Atlantic mackerel in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, based on research vessel spring trawl surveys, 1968-1975 (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 33-44)
76/14 3792 Ikeda, I. and T. Sato Stock assessment of Loligo squid in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 in the 1972/73 and 1973/74 fishing seasons
76/15 3795 Hoydal, K. An assessment of the deep sea shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in West Greenland waters (Subarea 1), based on Faroes catch/effort data and information on fishing areas from the Faroes fishery (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 31-34)
76/16 3796 Carlsson, D., and E. L. B. Smidt Pandalus borealis stocks at Greenland: biology, exploitation and possible protective measures (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 7-14)
76/17 3797 Horsted, Sv. Aa. Subarea 1 cod: data for 1975 and estimates of yield for 1976-78
76/18 3798 Moores, J. A. Mackerel research in the Newfoundland area during 1975
76/19 3799 McKone, W. D., and G. H. Winters A preliminary report of the comparison of herring tagged with six types of tags
76/20 3800 Chan, M., and J. Carscadden The food and feeding of capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Labrador area during autumn 1973
76/21 3801 Stobo, W. T. The Canadian 1975/76 herring fishery in Division 4W(a)
76/22 3802 Stobo, W. T. The Canadian herring fishery in Division 4V
76/23 3803 Sangolt, G., and ¢. Ulltang Norwegian capelin fishery and capelin investigations in Newfoundland and Labrador waters in 1975
76/24 3804 Halliday, R. G. Scotian Shelf flatfish stocks: implications of 1975 data
76/25 3805 Halliday, R. G. The Scotian Shelf redfish fishery in 1975
76/26 3806 Halliday, R. G. Divisions 4VW haddock: Canadian research vessel survey results
76/27 3807 Borrmann, H. Preliminary stock assessments of roundnose grenadier in ICNAF Subareas 0+1 and 2+3 (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 45-54.)
76/28 3808 Kock, H. A contribution on the methodics of age determination in roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris Gunn.)
76/29 3809 Anderson, E. D. Recruitment estimates for the mackerel stock in ICNAF Subarea 3, 4 and 5 and Statistical Area 6, based on US research vessel spring trawl surveys, 1968-75, with implications for assessment + Addendum
76/30 3810 Sissenwine, M. P., and A. M. Tibbetts Simulating the effect of fishing on squid (Loligo and Illex) populations off the northeastern United States (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 71-84.)
76/31 3811 Sissenwine, M. P. A review of stock size estimates of squid (Loligo and Illex) in Subareas 5 and Statistical Area 6
76/32 3812 Penttila, J. A., F. J. Touron-Figueroa, and J. R. Fuertes-Gamundi Results of a Spanish and US cod ageing workshop
76/33 3817 Mari, A., and J. Terre GGeneral production assessment of the cod stock in ICNAF Division 3M
76/34 3818 Sissenwine, M. P. The effect of random fluctuations on a hypothetical fishery (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 137-144.)
76/35 3819 Clark, S. H. Georges Bank (Subdivision 5Ze) haddock status report
76/36 3820 Sschlitz, R. A note on the comparison of salinity values from samples taken on ICNAF larval herring surveys, 1975
76/37 3821 Schlitz, R. Preliminary recommendations for standard sections in the Gulf of Maine-Georges Bank area (See ICNAF Sel. Papers No. 3: 109-117.)
76/38 3822 GIEDZ, M. A method of estimating the total length of fresh herring on the basis of length measurements of thawed fish
76/39 3823 Bowering, W. R. The status of the witch flounder fishery in ICNAF Subdivision 3Ps (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 11-14.)
76/40 3824 Hunt, J. Canadian mackerel catches and numbers at age in Subarea 4, 1975
76/41 3825 Tibbetts, A. M. Squid (Loligo and Illex) in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6: landings, effort and abundance updates
76/42 3826 Livingstone, R. and L. Dery An observation on the age and length at maturity of cod in the Georges Bank and Browns Bank stocks
76/43 3827 Mayo, R. K. Update of redfish status for 1975 in ICNAF Subarea 5
76/44 3828 Chevalier, R. The Schaefer model and disequilibrium of the fisheries: one formula, two examples + Addendum
76/45 3830 Miller, D. S. and W. T. Stobo Divisions 4WX herring stock assessment
76/46 3832 Doubleday, W. G. Recent developments in the Divisions 4VsW cod fishery +Corrigendum
76/47 3833 Clark, S. H., S. Burns and R. G. Halliday A preliminary assessment of the pollock fishery in ICNAF Divisions 4VWX and Subarea 5 (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No. 2: 15-32.)
76/48 3834 Stobo, W. T. Movements of herring tagged in the Bay of Fundy - update
76/49 3835 Stobo, W. T. Movements of mackerel tagged in Subarea 4
76/50 3836 Fuertes, J. R., and E. C. Lopez-Veiga Catch composition of the Spanish prawn (Pandalus borealis) fishery, and possible stock estimates
76/51 3837 Seliverstov, A. S. and S. M. Kovalev. Size of the capelin spawning stock on the Grand Newfoundland Bank
76/52 3838 Isakov, V. I. On some results of biological studies on mackerel from the Northwest Atlantic
76/53 3839 Chekova, V. A. Total trawl survey of bottom fishes in the Newfoundland area in 1975
76/54 3840 Bakenev, V. S., A.S. Seliverstov and L. I. Serebrov. Preliminary instrument estimate of abundance and biomass of capelin off South Labrador and the North Newfoundland Bank (Divisions 2J and 3K)
76/55 3841 Rikhter, V. A. An estimate of total allowable catch of red hake from Georges Bank for 1977
76/56 3842 Shevchuk, L. I. Age and growth of argentine from Nova Scotia
76/57 3843 Noskov, A. S. Estimation of stock size and allowable catch of silver hake on the Nova Scotia Shelf in ICNAF Division 4W
76/58 3845 Lough, R. G. Analysis of various length measurements on larvae collected by the ICNAF larval herring surveys
76/59 3846 Doubleday, W. G., J. J. Hunt and R. G. Halliday The Divisions 4VWX silver hake fishery
76/60 3847 Halliday, R. G. ICNAF Division 4X haddock: implications of 1975 data
76/61 3848 Street, M. W., and J. Davis Notes on the river herring fishery of Statistical Area 6
76/62 3849 Carscadden, J. Biological characteristics of capelin (Mallotus villosus) from Divisions 2J and 3K in November 1975
76/63 3851 Lopez-Veiga, E., C., and J. R. Fuertes Length at first capture for the European hake (Merluccius merluccius) in northwest Spain
76/64 3853 Brennan, J. A. Procedure for estimating catch from overflights and ICNAF inspection boardings in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, January-July 1975
76/65 3852 Mesnil, B. Growth and life cycle of squid, Loligo pealei and Illex illecebrosus (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 55-70.)
76/66 3854 Anthony, V. C. Estimations of numbers of herring to be tagged in addressing the herring stock inter-mixture problem
76/67 3885 Pitt, T. K. Recent events in the yellowtail fishery in ICNAF Divisions 3L, 3N and 3O
76/68 3868 Becker, G. A., and H. Neumann Investigations in the Georges Bank area in October-November of 1973, 1974 and 1975
76/69 3872 Plekhanova, N. V. and V. M. Ryzhov Plankton development in the Newfoundland Bank areas in June 1975
76/70 3874 Kudlo, B. P., V. A. Borovkov, and V. D. Boytsov Circulation and salinity of waters in the Davis Strait, South Labrador and Newfoundland areas in 1974-75
76/71 3875 Svetlov, I. I. Changes in water temperature in the West Greenland area in 1975
76/72 3876 Burmakin, V. V. Water temperature in the Labrador and Newfoundland areas in 1975
76/73 3877 Robinson, G. A. The continuous plankton recorder survey: plankton in the ICNAF Area in 1975
76/74 3886 Minet, J.,P. Migrations of cod between the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the southwestern banks of Newfoundland
76/75 3887 Lett, P. F. A review of density-dependent and independent processes which may affect recruitment in the herring stocks
76/76 3888 Wright, W. R.and R. J. Schlitz Atlases which could be prepared from hydrographic data in the ICNAF Area
76/77 3889 Pawlowski, R. J., and R. J. Schlitz A preliminary report on data collected on a cooperative hydrographic investigation of the Northeast Channel, 1975
76/78 3890 Schlitz, R. J. Horizontal temperature sections from data collected on ICNAF larval herring surveys, fall-winter 1975
76/79 3891 Joakimsson, G. Report of larval herring catches from the cruises of R/V Walther Herwig and R/V Anton Dohrn in March 1973-76
76/80 3892 Joakimsson, G. Report of the ICNAF larval herring cruise R/V Anton Dohrn, November 1975, in Georges Bank-Nantucket Shoals, areas
76/81 3893 Sherman, K., J. Green, and E. Cohen Variations in subsampling of zooplankton from the ICNAF Area
76/82 3894 Sherman, K. Density distribution of copepods in coastal feeding grounds of herring
76/83 3895 Sherman, K., J. B. Colton, J. M. Onge-Burns, and E. Howard Areal variations in zooplankton volumes on the northeast continental shelf in spring and autumn, 1973
76/84 3896 Sherman, K., J. B. Colton, R. Byron, and J. Burns Interim sorting protocol for ICNAF zooplankton samples. + Corrigendum
76/85 3897 Davis, C. W. Spring and autumn bottom water temperatures in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, 1968-75
76/86 3898 Chamberlin, J. L. Monitoring effects of Gulf Stream meanders and warm core eddies on the fishing grounds of the Continental Shelf and Slope (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 145-154)
76/87 3900 Mesnil, B., M.C. Mercer, and P. W. Collins Report on R/V Cryos squid surveys, 3-19 May and 22 November-15 December 1975
76/88 3901 Stein, M. Hydrographic conditions on Hamilton Inlet Bank (Div. 2J) in the fall of 1975
76/89 3902 Paturel,B. Notes on the biology of Atlantic salmon taken in St. Pierre and Miquelon waters in 1975
76/90 3903 Berthome, J. P., and A. Forest Sebastes fishing in the Gulf of St. Lawrence: evolution of the fishery from 1958 to 1974 and estimation of the maximum equilibrium catch
76/91 3904 Berthome, J. P. Growth of the yellowtail flounder, Limanda feppuginea (Storer), fished around the St. Pierre and Miquelon Islands
76/92 3912 Stein, M. Hydrographic conditions off West Greenland and on the East Greenland Shelf during the summer of 1975
76/93 3913 Jensen, J. M. Length measurement of roundnose grenadier (Macrourus rupestris)
76/94 3914 Jensen, J. M. The conversion factor for lump sucker (Cyclopterus lumpus) from roe to whole fish at West Greenland
76/95 3915 Colton, J. B., and R. R. Byron Summary of ichthyoplankton collected by US vessels during ICNAF larval herring surveys, September 1971 to February 1975
76/96 3916 Miller, D. S. A simple iterative method to determine fishing mortality rates associated with varying catch levels (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 7-10.)
76/97 3917 Drzycimski, I., B. Kaczmaruk and J. Kleniewski Distribution of zooplankton on the fishing grounds of Georges Bank, Browns Bank and the Gulf of Maine, autumn 1974
76/98 3920 Anderson, E. D. An examination of the 1976 USSR assessment of the Divisions 4VWX silver hake fishery + Addendum
76/99 3921 Doubleday, W. G. Contribution to Manual on ICNAF Groundfish Surveys
76/100 3922 Doubleday, W. G. Report of special sampling project for cod in Divisions 2J+3KL, mackerel in Subareas 3-5 and Statistical Area 6, and silver hake in Subareas 4-5 and Statistical Area 6
76/101 3924 Stobo, W. T. Some techinques and procedures used to tag herring in ICNAF Subarea 4
76/102 3925 Brown, B. E. A prospectus on the basis, for fishery management on the Northwest Atlantic continental shelf off the coast of the United States of America + Appendix
76/103 3926 Palmer, J. E., B. E. Brown, and J. A. Brennan Linear programming simulations of the effects of by-catch on national catches in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
76/104 3927 Hennemuth, R. C. Variability of Albatross IV catch per tow
76/105 3928 Brennan, J. A. Notes on changes in efficiency of certain fleets fishing in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 during 1960-73
76/106 3929 Brennan, J. A. Study of variability of q as measured by variation in daily catch per effort (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.2: 111-136)
76/107 3930 Paciorkowski, A., and B. Vaske Alternative assessment of mackerel stock in ICNAF Area
76/108 3931 Konstantinov, K. G. On fluctuations of the annual cod yield on the southern Grand Bank
76/109 3932 Zilanov, V. K., A. A. Stroganov, F. M. Troyanovsky, and A. K. Chumakov The results of the study of ,commercial reserve of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) at the continental slope in the northwestern Atlantic
76/110 3933 Isakov, V. L. Assessment of the mackerel stock in the Northwest Atlantic, 1975-77
76/111 3934 Isakov, V. I. The peculiarities of diurnal vertical migrations of mackerel in the northwestern Atlantic
76/112 3935 Zilanov, V. K. The problem of species composition and value of by-catch obtained in the course of a specialized grenadier (Macrourus rupestris) fishery in the Northwest Atlantic
76/113 3936 Berenboim, B. I., M. L. Zaferman, A. I. Klimenkov, A. Y. Lysk, and A. K Umakhanov State of the stocks of deepwater shrimp in the West Greenland area
76/114 3937 Davis, C. W., and T. L. Morris Preliminary report on the distribution catches, and sizes of age 1 herring in the Gulf of Maine, Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoals areas during the spring of 1976
76/115 3938 Sherman, K., and L. Ejysmont The Polish plankton sorting and identification centre to support fishery assessment investigations
76/116 3939 Rikhter, V. A. Proposal on trawling surveys for estimation of pelagic fish stocks in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
76/117 3941 Palmer, J. E., and J. A. Brennan Calculation of fishing power on vessels for which data were submitted to the Effort Working Group Pilot Study (See ICNAF Sel. Papers, No.2: 111-136)
76/118 3945 Anthony, V. C., H. Dorheim, and G. JoakimssonN Results of the 1975 and 1976 Federal Republic of Germany young herring surveys in ICNAF Subareas 4 and 5
76/119 3946 Pitt, T. K. Contribution to the Manual on ICNAF Groundfish Surveys
76/120 3953 Carscadden, J. Capelin (Mallotus villosus) research in the ICNAF Area, 1973-76
76/121 3967 Maurer, R. A Preliminary analysis of inter-specific trophic relationships between the sea herring (Clupea harengus L.) and. the Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.)
76/122 3979 Anthony, V. C. The effect on stock size from various assumptions of year-class strengths for the Division 5Z and Statistical Area 6 herring stock
76/123 4004 Lough, R. G. The distribution and abundance, growth and mortality of Georges Bank-Nantucket Shoals herring larvae, during the 1975/76 winter period
76/124 4010 Sergeant, D. E. Studies on harp seals of the western, North Atlantic population in 1976
76/125 4011 Sergeant, D. E. The relationship between harp seals and fish populations
76/126 4012 Sergeant, D. E. Research on hooded seals, Cystophora cristata Erxleben, in 1976
76/127 4014 Winters, G. H. Estimation of mortality rates and surplus production of Northwest Atlantic harp seals
76/128 -129

Not assigned

76/130 4016 Benjaminsen, T., and P. F. Lett A stochastic model for the management of the northwestern Atlantic harp seal, Pagophilus groenlandicus, population
76/131 4017 Bergflødt, B. The sealing season and Norwegian seal investigations off Newfoundland-Labrador in 1976
76/132 4018 Capstick, C. K., D. M. Lavigne, and K. Ronald Population forecasts for Northwest Atlantic harp seals, Pagophilus groenlandicus
76/133 4019 Lavigne, D. M. The present status of western Atlantic harp seals: a management consideration
76/134 4025 Brennan, J. A., and J. E. Palmer Estimates of variance of age composition of mackerel catches taken in Northwest Atlantic Ocean (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.3: 79-92)
76/135 4030 Ivanov, L. S. Relative assessment of mackerel stock in the ICNAF Area and forecast of the possible catch in 1977
76/136 4031 Hunt, J. J., and W. T. Stobo Conversion factors for length measurements of Atlantic mackerel
76/137 4033 Anderson, E. D., P. W. Wood, B. B. Ackerman, and F. P. Almeida Assessment of the mackerel stock in ICNAF Subareas 3-6
76/138 4034 Anderson, E. D., and B. B. Ackerman Comparison of USA spring bottom trawl survey abundance indices for mackerel based on day, night and total catches (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers, No.3: 45-48)
76/139 4035 Anderson, E. D., and M. M. McBride Relationship between environmental factors and mackerel recruitment
76/140 4036 Berrien, P. L., and E. D. Anderson Scomber scombrus spawning stock estimates in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, based on egg catches during 1966, 1975 and 1976
76/141 4037 Serchuk, F. M. Analysis of mackerel by-catch in the international fishery in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, determined from individual trawl hauls
76/142 4038 Christensen, D. J., B. L. Freeman, and S. C. Turner The United States recreational fishery for Atlantic mackerel
76/143 4039 Olla, B. L., A. J. Bejda, and A. L. Studholme Swimming speeds of Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus, under laboratory conditions: relation to capture by trawling
76/144 4040 Sissenwine, M. P. Using the USA research vessel spring bottom trawl survey as an index of Atlantic mackerel abundance (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.3: 49-56)
76/145 4041 Walter, G. G. A surplus yield model which incorporates recruitment with application to a stock of mackerel
76/146 4042 Anderson, E. D., C. F. Cole, and P. W. Wood Variability in mackerel age data reported to ICNAF
76/147 4043 Henderson, E. M. Time series analysis of the Northwest Atlantic mackerel catches
76/148 4044 Penttila, J. A., and E. D. Anderson. Mackerel age-length keys from 1973-76 bottom trawl surveys in SA 5-6
76/149 4045 Smidt, E. Diurnal variations in shrimp catches on the offshore grounds of ICNAF Div. 1B (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 45-46)
76/150 4046 Horsted, Sv. Aa. A trawl survey of the offshore shrimp grounds of ICNAF Div. lB and an estimate of the shrimp biomass (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 23-30)
76/151 4047 Smidt, E. Information on the Pandalus stocks in the Disko Bay from interviews with fishermen in 1975 and 1976
76/152 4048 Kanneworff, P. Estimated density of shrimps in the Disko Bay by means of bottom photography (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 61-66)
76/153 4049 Kanneworff, P. Midwater trawling on two types of echo scatterers
76/154 4050 Horsted, Sv. Aa. The life cycle of the shrimp (Pandalus borealis Kr.) in Greenland waters, discussed in relation to the potential yield of the stocks (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 51-60)
76/155 4051 Ulltang, W.and P. Wynes Norwegian investigations on the deep sea shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in West Greenland waters (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No. 4: 35-42)
76/156 4052 Klimenkov, A. I., B. I. Berenboim, and A. Y. Lysy The Soviet shrimp investigations in the West Greenland area in 1976 (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 47-50)
76/157 4053 Noskov, A. S. The assessment of silver hake stocks at Nova Scotia in Div. 4VWX
76/158 4054 Zilanov, V. K. On specific composition and size of by-catch obtained while conducting the specialized searching and fishing for silver hake, herring and mackerel in Subareas 4, 5 and Statistical Area 6
76/159 4055 Scott, J. S. Distribution of squid (Illex illecebrosus) on the Scotian Shelf, 1970-74 (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.3: 93-96 )
76/160 4056 Doubleday, W. G., and J. J. Hunt A revised assessment of the 4VWX silver hake fishery incorporating preliminary 1976 data
76/161 4057 Moores, J. A. A preliminary analysis of mackerel sampled in Newfoundland during 1976
76/162 4058 Hunt,J. J. Preliminary mackerel catches and removals by Canada and the USSR in ICNAF Subareas 3 and 4 in 1976
76/163 4059 Scott, J. S. Summer distribution of groundfish on the Scotian Shelf, 1970-74
76/164 4060 Hunt, J. J. Age, growth and distribution of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) on the Scotian Shelf from modal analysis of length frequencies (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.3: 33-44.)
76/165 4061 Garcia, C., and A. Mari Fisheries oceanographic conditions on the continental shelf of Nova Scotia in the early summer of 1976
76/166 4062 Fraga, S. Contribution to the study of the prawn (Pandalus borealis Kroyer) fishery at Greenland
76/167 4063 Noskov, A. S., V. A. Rikhter, and V. I. Isakov A brief description of the Soviet herring, mackerel, silver hake and red hake fisheries in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
76/168 4064 Hoyadal, K. Faroese investigations of the prawn fishery at Greenland and an attempt to estimate total mortality on the oldest age-groups
76/169 4065 Isakov, V. I., L. Ivanov, P. Kolarov, W. Mahnke, A. Paciorkowski, V. A. Rikhter, S. Ucinski, and B. Vaske Reassessment of the mackerel stock in the ICNAF area
76/170 4066 Overhotz, W. J., and E. D. Anderson. Relationship between mackerel catches, water temperature, and vessel velocity during USA spring bottom trawl surveys in SA 5-6
76/171 4067 Waring, G. A look at the age distribution of mackerel (27-30 cm) in mackerel age samples of Poland, January-June 1976, from ICNAF SA 5-6
76/172 4068 Ulltang, W. A note on a method to determine the total allowable catch of shrimps (Pandalus borealus) at West Greenland (Publ. in ICNAF Sel. Papers No.4: 43-44)
76/173 4069 Sullivan, K. R., and E. C. Lopez-Veiga Report of voyage on Spanish stern·trawler Corba,. 16-21 October 1976

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