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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

1984 Scientific Council Research (SCR) documents


Doc No.

Serial No.




Norwegian investigations on shrimp, Pandalus borealis, in East Greenland waters in 1983

1058 kb
SCR 84/2 SMEDSTAD & TORHEIM Norwegian investigations on shrimp, Pandalus borealis, off West Greenland in 1983 882 kb
SCR 84/3 PARSONS et al. Details of catch, effort and CPUE from the Canadian fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division OA, 1983 3250 kb
SCR 84/4 PARSONS & TUCKER Observations of some biological characteristicsof shrimp (Pandalus borealis) from the Davis Strait, 1978-81 1795 kb
SCR 84/5 CARLSSON Data on the shrimp fishery at East Greenland in 1983 compared to earlier years 1876 kb
SCR 84/6 KANNEWORFF Biomass of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1978-1983 estimated by means of bottom photography 866 kb
SCR 84/7 BISEAU et al. Catch, effort and biological data of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the French fishery off East Greenland in 1983 2156 kb
SCR 84/8 HALLGRIMSSON & SKULADOTTIR Some data on the Icelandic catch of shrimpin the Denmark Strait area in 1983 601 kb
SCR 84/9 CARLSSON Data on the shrimp fishery in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1982 and 1983 1267 kb
SCR 84/10 AUSTER Aggregations of cunner, Tautogolabrus adsperus, and cod, Gadus morhua: co-occurrence with a dominant species in a temperature marine fish assemblage 570 kb
SCR 84/11 BURMAKIN Water temperature off Newfoundland and Labrador in 1982 601 kb
SCR 84/12 TEMPLEMAN Stomach contents of the Atlantic wolffish, Anarhichas lupus, from the Northwest Atlantic 948 kb
SCR 84/13 FEDULOV et al. Preliminary results of the R/V Gizhiga research cruise on the short-finned squid, Illex illecebrosus, in NAFO Subareas 3 and 4 during March to June 1983 570 kb
SCR 84/14 McLAIN & INGHAM Sea surface temperatures in the Northwestern Atlantic in 1983 3145 kb
SCR 84/15 ARMSTRONG Bottom temperatures on the continental shelf and slope south of New England during 1983 657 kb
SCR 84/16 COOK Water column thermal structure across the shelf and slope south east of Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 1983 557 kb
SCR 84/17 ARMSTRONG Variation in the shelf water front position in 1983 from Georges Bank to Cape Romain 765 kb
SCR 84/18 PRICE & CELON Anticyclonic warm core Gulf Stream rings off the Northeastern United States during 1983 1627 kb
SCR 84/19 JOSSI & SMITH Continuous plankton records: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, N. S., and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1983 608 kb
SCR 84/20 ATKINSON An update on the status of roundnose grenadier in Subareas 0+1 and 2+3 766 kb
SCR 84/21 ATKINSON The relationships between different types of length measurements of sharp-beaked redfish 438 kb
SCR 84/22 PENNEY et al. Species proportions and some reproductive aspects of three redfish species (Sebastes marinus, S. fasciatus, and S. mentella) on Flemish Cap, March 1983 371 kb
SCR 84/23 LEAR Results of tagging of adult Atlantic cod in inshore areas of Newfoundland and Labrador during 1979-1982 1147 kb
SCR 84/24 LEAR The winter distribution of cod in NAFO Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L, based on research vessel catches during 1978-83 1416 kb
SCR 84/25 LEAR Results of tagging of Atlantic cod on St. Pierre Bank during February 1980 665 kb
SCR 84/26 LEAR Offshore and inshore catches of Atlantic cod in NAFO Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L during 1958-83 1768 kb
SCR 84/27 ROWELL & BUDDEN The 1983 fishery for Illex illecebrosus in SA 4 andbiological characteristics of the stock 1853 kb
SCR 84/28 KULKA Estimates of discarding by the Newfoundland offshore fleet in 1982 2339 kb
SCR 84/29 SUAREZ et al. Status of cod stock in Divisions 3L, 3M and 3N, 1983 705 kb
SCR 84/30 LARRANETA Dynamics of yellowtail flounder and American plaice in NAFO Divisions 3L, 3N and 3O 3078 kb
SCR 84/31 ATKINSON Redfish in NAFO Divisions 3LN 1309 kb
SCR 84/32 ATKINSON Flemish Cap redfish 1091 kb
SCR 84/33 BULATOVA Distribution, abundance and biomass of cod according to the data of assessment trawl survey on the Newfoundland shelf in 1983 1949 kb
SCR 84/34 NOSKOV & SHERSTYUKOV Distribution and abundance of the young silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) from data of trawling surveys conducted on the Scotian Shelf in October-November 1978-1983 1059 kb
SCR 84/35 RIKHTER & TUROK Distribution of some groundfish species on the Scotian Shelf slopes during the 1983 fishing season from data obtained by USSR observers 1522 kb
SCR 84/36 RIKHTER & GRINKOV On fishing conditions and catching silver hake allocations on the Scotian Shelf southward of small-mesh-gear-line 997 kb
SCR 84/37 CHUMAKOV & SAVVATIMSKY Roundnose grenadier-Greenland halibut ratio in bottom trawl catches taken in the NAFO Area in 1970-1983 2872 kb
SCR 84/38 NOSKOV Assessment of stock size and allowable catch of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) on Scotian Shelf for 1985 692 kb
SCR 84/39 MAMYLOV & BAKANEV An acoustic assessment of capelin stocks in NAFO Div. 3LNO and 2J+3K in 1983 1254 kb
SCR 84/40 BAKANEV et al. Trawl survey of capelin pre-recruits in NAFO Divisions 3LNO in November 1983 996 kb
SCR 84/41 CHUMAKOV et al. Assessment of groundfishes on the Flemish Cap by means of trawl surveys 1997 kb
SCR 84/42 VINOGRADOV The distribution of food energy for major commercial fisheries in the trophic chain of the Georges Bank ecosystem 1255 kb
SCR 84/43 VINOGRADOV Fat content in muscles, gonads and liver of silver hake, Merluccius bilinearis (Mitchill), and red hake, Urophycis chuss (Walbaum), caught on the shelf of Southern New England (Hudson Canyon) in the end of winter 1794 kb
SCR 84/44 SAVVATIMSKY On correlation between total length and pre-anal length of roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) in the North Atlantic 2076 kb
SCR 84/45 MAZHIRINA & FILIN On time and areas of spawning for Notoscopelus elongatus kroeyer 1501 kb
SCR 84/46 WELLS Maximum age of cod in Subareas 2 and 3 with comment on natural mortality-at-age 529 kb
SCR 84/47 WELLS & GAVARIS Status of the cod stock in NAFO Division 3M 529kb
SCR 84/48 BRODIE & PITT An assessment of American plaice in NAFO Divisions 3LNO 814 kb
SCR 84/49 BRODIE & PITT Yellowtail flounder in Divisions 3LNO - an assessment update 2143 kb
SCR 84/50 GAVARIS & BISHOP Calculation of partial selection for cod in Subdivision 3Ps 1800 kb
SCR 84/51 LILLY & BOTTA Food of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) near Bonavista, Newfoundland, in 1983 1365 kb
SCR 84/52 BISHOP et al. Assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Divisions 3NO 783 kb
SCR 84/53 BISHOP et al. An assessment of the cod stock in Subdivision 3Ps 913 kb
SCR 84/54 NAKASHIMA & HARNUM The 1983 inshore capelin fishery in Div. 3L 894 kb
SCR 84/55 NAKASHIMA Some results of the 1983 capelin tagging experiments in Conception Bay, Newfoundland 621 kb
SCR 84/56 MILLER Capelin acoustic surveys in NAFO Divisions 3L and 3NO, 1983 757 kb
SCR 84/57 FOGARTY Temperature-yield relationships for the Maine American lobster (Homarus americanus) fishery: a time series analysis approach 2614 kb
SCR 84/58 SISSENWINE Why do fish populations vary? 3022 kb
SCR 84/59 STEIN & BUCH 1983: an unusual year off West Greenland? 2363 kb
SCR 84/60 BOWERING The fishery for Greenland halibut in NAFO Subareas 0+1 983 kb
SCR 84/61 BOWERING Distribution and relative abundance of the Labrador-eastern Newfoundland stock complex of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) 1926 kb
SCR 84/62 BOWERING & BRODIE An assessment of the Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) stock complex in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KL 3483 kb
SCR 84/63 BOWERING Witch flounder in NAFO Divisions 3NO 687 kb
SCR 84/64 SCOTT Juvenile haddock abundance and water temperature on the Scotian Shelf in 1983 839 kb
SCR 84/65 NOSKOV & SHERSTYUKOV Results of comparative experiments using 13.6 m and IGYPT trawls 1125 kb
SCR 84/66 LOUCKS & TRITES Environmental variability in the Northwest Atlantic 1921 kb
SCR 84/67 TRITES et al. Sea surface temperatures along the continental shelf, Hamilton Bank to Cape Hatteras 1148 kb
SCR 84/68 DREW et al. The 1983 fishery for short-finned squid(Illex illecebrosus) in the Newfoundland area 1142 kb
SCR 84/69 ROWELL & YOUNG Update of the distribution, biomass, and length frequencies of Illex illecebrosus in Divisions 4VWX from Canadian research vessel surveys, 1970-1983 2387 kb
SCR 84/70 TRITES & DRINKWATER Overview of environmental conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1983 2987 kb
SCR 84/71 POULARD et al. Biological characteristics and biomass estimates of the squid (Illex illecebrosus) on the Scotian Shelf (Div. 4VWX) in late summer, 1983 2144 kb
SCR 84/72 PINHORN & HALLIDAY A framework for identifying fisheries management problems associated with the influence of environmental factors on the distribution, movements and migration of marine species 2099 kb
SCR 84/73 GAVARIS et al. Assessment of the cod stock in Divisions 2J+3KL 778 kb
SCR 84/74 KEELEY Marine environmental data service report for 1983/84 636 kb
SCR 84/75 COHEN et al. Comparison of cod and haddock spawning in 1982 and 1983 on Georges Bank 2577 kb
SCR 84/76 CASEY & PASTUSZAK Survey of apex predators (sharks and swordfish) in the vicinity of a cold core Gulf Stream ring - R/V Wieczno Cruise 84-02 2502 kb
SCR 84/77 GAGNON Environmental extremes observed in 1983: in situ wave recording andcoastal tide gauge records within Canadian east coast waters 2084 kb
SCR 84/78 HORSTED Subarea 1 cod: fisheries and stock composition, 1983 2211 kb
SCR 84/79 LILLY Annual variability in the diet of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) off southern Labrador and northeast Newfoundland (Div. 2J+3K) in autumn, 1977-82 1762 kb
SCR 84/80 AKENHEAD A preliminary compendium of Flemish Cap research cruises, 1977-1984 1676 kb
SCR 84/81 AKENHEAD Ocean climate at Station 27, report for 1983 314 kb
SCR 84/82 FANNING Preliminary analysis of Alfred Needler-Lady Hammond comparative fishing experiments (silver hake, 1983) 848 kb
SCR 84/83 SINCLAIR Catch rate variations in the French winter cod fishery 1193 kb
SCR 84/84 PENNEY Comparative morphology of pre-extrusion larvae of the sharp-beaked redfishes, Sebastes mentella and S. fasciatus 2812 kb
SCR 84/85 WALDRON & HARRIS Assessment of the Scotian Shelf silver hake population size in 1983 5436 kb
SCR 84/86 CLAY et al. Food and feeding of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis Mitchill), on the Scotian Shelf with special reference to cannibalism 4434 kb
SCR 84/87 KOELLER et al. The Canadian-USSR juvenile silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) surveys on the Scotian Shelf: abundance indices, distribution, and comparison with independent estimates of juvenile abundance, 1978-83 1482 kb
SCR 84/88 LILLY et al. Food of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from southern Labrador and eastern Newfoundland (Div. 2J, 3K and 3L) in winter 1430 kb
SCR 84/89 RUBEC & PLANC The development of a portable fish measuring station for electronic data acquisition in the field 1723 kb
SCR 84/90 WELLS Growth of cod in Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L, 1971-83 983 kb
SCR 84/91 MESSTORFF Research vessel survey results for cod in Division 2J as obtained by R/V Anton Dohrn and R/V Walther Herwig in autumn, 1972-83 1287 kb
SCR 84/92 HORSTED et al. Stock size of cod at West Greenland by the beginning of 1984 and projections of yield and stock size 1984-87 1920 kb
SCR 84/93 MESSTORFF & CORNUS Subarea 1 cod: results of research vessel surveys conducted off West Greenland in 1982 and 1983 1427 kb
SCR 84/94 WELLS et al. Status of the cod stock in Division 3M 2221 kb
SCR 84/95 SEREBRYAKOV et al. USSR ichthyoplankton investigations within the framework of the Flemish Cap Project in 1978-1983 1103 kb
SCR 84/96 ERNST A contribution to by-catch levels of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Walb.) in the roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris Gunn.) directed fishery in NAFO Subarea 2 1348 kb
SCR 84/97 LANGE et al. Yield analysis for the long-finned squid, Lollgo pealei (LeSueur) 3365 kb
SCR 84/98 SUMMERS Comparative life history adaptations of some myopsid and sepiolid squids 1348 kb
SCR 84/99 HATANAKA et al. A comparative descriptionof the life cycles of five ommastrephid squids fished by Japan: Todarodes pacificus, Illex illecebrosus, Illex argentinus, Nototodarus sloani sloani and Nototodarus sloani gould 2130 kb
SCR 84/100 COELHO Influence of oceanographic factors on cephalopod distribution and life cycles: a review 2604 kb
SCR 84/101 COELHO & O'DOR Evaluation of male reproductive features in Illex illecebrosus for maturity staging 3425 kb
SCR 84/102 O'DOR & BALCH Properties of Illex illecebrosus egg masses potentially influencing larval oceanographic distribution 3053 kb
SCR 84/103 BREIBY et al. Feeding habits of the squid, Todarodes sagittatus, in North Norwegian waters 1212 kb
SCR 84/104 MORRIS & ALDRICH Statolith length and increment number for age determination in squid Illex illecebrosus (LeSueur, 1821) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) 2919 kb
SCR 84/105 WARING Changes in population structure and abundance of spiny dogfish off the northeast coast of the United States 2754 kb
SCR 84/106 PAULY The population dynamics of short-lived species, with emphasis on squids 3340 kb
SCR 84/107 BALCH A bibliography of the ommastrephid squid genus Illex 3501 kb
SCR 84/108 LILLY & OSBORNE Predation by Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) on short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) off eastern Newfoundland and in the northeastern Gulf of St. Lawrence 411 kb
SCR 84/109 LANGE et al. Distribution of maturing Illex illecebrosus relative to the shelf-slope water front off the northeastern United States 2376 kb
SCR 84/110 DAWE et al. Development of an ageing technique for the short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) 6425 kb
SCR 84/111 ROWELL et al. Larval and juvenile distribution ofthe short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in relation to the Gulf Stream frontal zone in the Blake Plateau and Cape Hatteras area 3809 kb
SCR 84/112 DAWE Variation in length-weight relationships, condition, and feeding spectrum of short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) at Holyrood, Newfoundland 2261 kb
SCR 84/113 ROWELL et al. Changes in the distribution and biological characteristics in the Scotian Shelf population of Illex illecebrosus over the 1980-1983 period 4428 kb
SCR 84/114 MAURER & BOWMAN Feeding and food consumption of long-finned squid
(Loligo pealei) and short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in Subareas 5 and 6 of the Northwest Atlantic
1852 kb
SCR 84/115 FROERMAN & DUBININA Distribution and peculiarities of allometric growth of larval Illex in the Northwest Atlantic 2954 kb
SCR 84/116 FROERMAN Life cycle and mechanism of abundance fluctuations in Illex illecebrosus (summary only) 1000 kb
SCR 84/117 VINOGRADOV On feeding of two squid species in the Northwest Atlantic 1589 kb
SCR 84/118 MATTLIN et al. Distribution, abundance and size structure of arrow squid (Nototodarus sp.) off New Zealand 2075 kb
SCR 84/119 NIGMATULLIN et al. Reproductive biology and scale of maturity stages of the reproductive system of male squid (Illex illecebrosus) (Abstract only) 590 kb
SCR 84/120 BURUKOVSKY et al. Reproductive biologyand scale of maturity stage of reproductive system for female squid (Illex illecebrosus) (Abstract only) 661 kb
SCR 84/121 VOSS & BRAKONIECHI A review of the squid resources of the Southeast Fisheries Region of the United States 1795 kb
SCR 84/122 BISHOP Estimates of age at maturity for cod in Subdivision 3Ps 325 kb
SCR 84/123 HATANAKA Geographical and vertical distribution of larval stage short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic 2118 kb
SCR 84/124 VECCHIONE & ROPER Summary of planktonic cephalopods, including
Illex illecebrosus, from Kaiyo-Maru Cruise 82-01, with recommendations for future sampling
875 kb
SCR 84/125 WEBBER & O'DOR The respiratory mechanism and swimming performance of the squid, Illex illecebrosus 1631 kb

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