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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

1990 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR 90/1 SHERSTJUKOV Distribution and abundance of O-group silver hake on the Scotian Shelf in autumn 1988. 347 kb
SCR 90/2 SHERSTJUKOV The young silver hake growth in the Scotian area, 1977-1888. 225 kb
SCR 90/3 TIZOL et al Age determination of silver hake by chemical composition of otoliths. 147 kb
SCR 90/4 FUONG More on the question of inconsistencies in studying the Scotian Shelf silver hake growth rate by Soviet and Canadian scientists. 323 kb
SCR 90/5 BULATOVA Assessment of the cod stock in Div. 3NO and 3KL from the 1989 trawl-acoustic survey. 309 kb
SCR 90/6 SAVVATIMSKY Variations in catch composition of roundnose grenadier from the Northwest Atlantic during 1971-1989. 326 kb
SCR 90/7 BAKANEV et al Results of the Soviet acoustic survey on capelin stock in summer 1989 and 0-group capelin survey in autumn 1988 and 1989 in Div. 3LNO. 246 kb
SCR 90/8 VASKOV et al Estimation of the stock status and TAC for redfish, Sebastes marinus in Div 3M for 1991. 328 kb
SCR 90/9 VASKOV et al Estimation of the stock status and TAC for redfish, Sebastes marinus in Div 3LN for 1991. 352 kb
SCR 90/10 BOROVKOV & TEVS Overview of oceanographic conditions off the Northwest Atlantic in 1989. 1253 kb
SCR 90/11 SMEDSTAD & TORHEIM Norwegian investigations on shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in East Greenland waters in 1989. 208 kb
SCR 90/12 SMEDSTAD Preliminary report of a cruise with M/T Håkøy-II to East Greenland waters in September 1989. 281 kb
SCR 90/13 MOUNTAIN & HOLZWARTH Surface and bottom temperature and temperature anomaly time series from the Northeast Fisheries Center spring and fall bottom trawl survey program, 1963-1989. 476 kb
SCR 90/14 SIGAEV Ecological studies of conditions of silver hake distribution on Nova Scotian Shelf within the framework of USSR-Canada program. 861 kb
SCR 90/15 RIKHTER The stock-recruitment dependence nature in some fish species from the Northwest Atlantic. 530 kb
SCR 90/16 STEIN Some remarks on time-series on annual intervals. 172 kb
SCR 90/17 STEIN Variation of salt and heat flow in West Greenland waters. 255 kb
SCR 90/18 RIKHTER & TUROK Dependence between stock size and concentration densities for Scotian Shelf silver hake by USSR observers' data for 1979 through 1988. 232 kb
SCR 90/19 RIKHTER & TUROK Distribution of silver hake, other fish species and squid on the Nova-Scotian Shelf in 1989 by USSR observers' data. 329 kb
SCR 90/20 WALDRON et al Status of the Scotian Shelf silver hake (Whiting) populations in 1989. 448 kb
SCR 90/21 WALDRON et al Scotian Shelf silver hake: 1989 commercial fishery description. 377 kb
SCR 90/22 DE CÁRDENAS & PEREIRO Some comments about the exploitation pattern on the Flemish Cap cod stock. 160 kb
SCR 90/23 BAIRD et al Cod in Divisions 2J+3KL - information relative to the portion of the stock beyond the Canadian 200-mile fishery zone. 240 kb
SCR 90/24 STROUT Variation in the shelf water front position in 1989 from Georges Bank to Cape Hatteras. 213 kb
SCR 90/25 SANO & WOOD Anticyclonic warm-core Gulf Stream rings off the northeastern United States during 1989. 377 kb
SCR 90/26 JOSSI & BENWAY Surface and bottom temperatures, and surface salinities: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, N.S., and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1988. 656 kb
SCR 90/27 JOSSI & BENWAY Surface and bottom temperatures, and surface salinities: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, N.S., and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1989. 668 kb
SCR 90/28 RIGET et al A catch rate index for West Greenland Cod for 1975-89 based on logbook information from the commercial fleet. 317 kb
SCR 90/29 HOVGÅRD & RIGET A long-line estimate of swept area abundance of cod in inshore areas off West Greenland. 301 kb
SCR 90/30 HOVGÅRD & NYGAARD Young cod distribution and abunfance in West Greenland inshore areas, 1989. 124 kb
SCR 90/31 RÄTZ The effect of emigration on VPA-assessments of Subarea 1 cod. 300 kb
SCR 90/32 WIELAND & BRÜGGE Some considerations on the significance of larval drift for the recruitment of West Greenland cod. 207 kb
SCR 90/33 KÖSTER & SCHOBER Cod stomach sampling in West Greenland waters 1989-some preliminary results. 288 kb
SCR 90/34 RÄTZ The assessment of the migration of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.) between the stocks off East and West Greenland by means of otolith typing. 1384 kb
SCR 90/35 BOJE & JØRGENSEN On the relvance of a combined assessment of Greenland halibut in NAFO Subareas 0, 1, 2 and Divisions 3KL. 236 kb
SCR 90/36 BOJE et al Infestation of parasites in Greenland halibut in the Northwest Atlantic. 445 kb
SCR 90/37 BOJE On recaptures of Greenland halibut in Icelandic waters from tagging experiments in West Greenland fjords. 56 kb
SCR 90/38 NIELSEN Longline fishery for Greenland halibut in the Davis Strait, November 1989. 87 kb
SCR 90/39 JØRGENSEN & AKIMOTO Results of a stratified-random bottom trawl survey in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1989. 266 kb
SCR 90/40 P-GANDARAS & ZAMARRO Changes in cohort growth rate of Flemish Cap cod. 251 kb
SCR 90/41 ZAMARRO CEBALLOS Determination of fecundity in American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) and its variation from 1987 to 1989. 210 kb
SCR 90/42 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF The commercial shrimp fishery in Denmark Strait in 1989 and early 1990. 643 kb
SCR 90/43 REINERT The Faroese longline fishery for cod on Flemish Cap 1973-88, data on catch and effort from three longliners. 101 kb
SCR 90/44 LUND Greenland fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) at north West Greenland from 1985 to 1989. 349 kb
SCR 90/45 FRÉCHET & LABERGE New strata for groundfish surveys in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, NAFO Divisons 4RST. 109 kb
SCR 90/46 CARLSSON et al Report on a stratified-random trawl for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Subareas 0+1 in July-August 1989. 656 kb
SCR 90/47 ESCALANTE et al Northern prawn (Pandalus borealis) stock in Flemish cap. 140 kb
SCR 90/48 GASSUIKOV Practical use of adaptive framework for stock assessment. 262 kb
SCR 90/49 GASSUIKOV Silver hake stock assessment in the 4VWX NAFO Subareas without age data use. 487 kb
SCR 90/50 GASSUIKOV Application of multiplicative model for fishing effort standardization in a special case. 345 kb
SCR 90/51 BOWERING et al An assessment of the Greenland halibut stock component in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3K and 3L. 615 kb
SCR 90/52 CHUMAKOV et al Status of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Walb.) stocks and feasible yield in NAFO Subareas 0, 1 and Div. 2GH. 460 kb
SCR 90/53 KUZMIN Stock assessment, age-lenth composition and maturity stages of the Flemish Cap cod. 328 kb
SCR 90/54 BOWERING Witch flounder in Divisions 3NO. 175 kb
SCR 90/55 RIGET Data and preliminary assessment of Subarea 1 cod. 280 kb
SCR 90/56 CHRISTENSEN & LASSEN Selection in shrimp trawl. 67 kb
SCR 90/57 BOWERING & CHUMAKOV Estimates of abundance and biomass of witch flounder (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) in Div. 3NO and Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in Div. 3KL from USSR groundfish surveys during 1987-89. 181 kb
SCR 90/58 LEHMANN & KANNEWORFF Report on a stratified-random trawl survey for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in ICES Subarea XIV b. 213 kb
SCR 90/59 NAKASHIMA Capelin school surface area index for NAFO Div. 3L during the 1989 spawning season. 183 kb
SCR 90/60 NAKASHIMA & HARNUM The inshore capelin fishery in NAFO Div. 3L in 1989. 282 kb
SCR 90/61 MILLER & CARSCADDEN A biomass estimate from a hydroacoustic survey for capelin (Mallotus villosus) in NAFO Division 3N and observations on the Soviet fishery for Capelin in Divisions 3NO. 95 kb
SCR 90/62 LEHMANN Report on a commercial trial fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off Southwest, Southeast and East Greenland. 126 kb
SCR 90/63 LUND Fecundity of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) sampled on fishing grounds at Northwest and West Greenland. 196 kb
SCR 90/64 CARLSSON Data and preliminary assessment of shrimp in Denmark Strait. 179 kb
SCR 90/65 CARLSSON Data and preliminary assessment of shrimp in Subareas 0+1. 193 kb
SCR 90/66 JOSSI & SMITH Continuous plankton records: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, N.S., and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1989. 501 kb
SCR 90/67 NARAYANAN et al Frontal oscillations on the NE Newfoundland shelf. 307 kb
SCR 90/68 VAZQUEZ Results from bottom trawl survey of Flemish Cap in July 1989. 407 kb
SCR 90/69 ZAMARRO & BRODIE Results of an American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) otolith exchange between Canada and Spain. 98 kb
SCR 90/70 BOWERING & CHUMAKOV Trends in biomass and abundance estimates of yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferruginea) from USSR surveys in Divisions 3LNO. 276 kb
SCR 90/71 BOWERING & CHUMAKOV Trends in biomass and abundance estimates of American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides) from USSR surveys in Divisions 3K, 3L, 3M, 3N, 3O. 412 kb
SCR 90/72 BISHOP et al Biomass and age compositions derived from RV surveys for cod in Div. 3NO relative to the Canadian 200-mile fishery boundary. 131 kb
SCR 90/73 BISHOP et al The assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Div. 3NO. 881 kb
SCR 90/74 RIGET Status of Subarea 1 cod and the fisheries. An extract of the Report of the ICES Working Group on cod stocks off East Greenland, Hamburg 21-27 February 1990 and revision of the 1989 trawl survey abundance estimates. 545 kb
SCR 90/75 SAVVATIMSKY et al Roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides repestris) in NAFO Subareas 0+1 and 2+3. 1044 kb
SCR 90/76 WALSH Distribution of juvenile and adult American plaice on the Grand Bank, NAFO Divisions 3LNO. 474 kb
SCR 90/77 BUCH & NIELSEN Ocean temperatures at Fyllas Bank, West Greenland related to atmospheric processes. 226 kb
SCR 90/78 STEIN Greenhouse induced changes in the North Atlantic - implications for fisheries. 352 kb
SCR 90/79 FUCHS Proposal for a multinational project on the coordination of fishery hydrographic activites in the North Atlantic. 88 kb
SCR 90/80 BRODIE et al An assessment of the American plaice stock in Divisions 3LNO. 992 kb
SCR 90/81 ZAMARRO An assessment of the American plaice stock on the Flemish Cap (NAFO Division 3M). 69 kb
SCR 90/82 SKÚLADÓTTIR A review of the shrimp fishery (Pandalus borealis) in the Denmark Strait, in the years 1978-1989. 337 kb
SCR 90/83 DRINKWATER & TRITES Overview of environmental conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1989. 486 kb
SCR 90/84 KEELEY Marine Environmental Data Service Report for 1989. 288 kb
SCR 90/85 WALSH Distribution of juvenile and adult yellowtail flounder on the Grand Bank, NAFO Divisions 3LNO. 315 kb
SCR 90/86 BRODIE et al Yellowtail flounder in NAFO Div. 3LNO - an assessment of stock status. 727 kb
SCR 90/87 POWER & ATKINSON Status of the redfish resource in NAFO Divisions 3LN. 385 kb
SCR 90/88 MESSTORFF & CORNUS Survey biomass and abundance for redfish (Sebastes marinus and S. mentella) off West Greenland (NAFO Subarea 1, 1989). 85 kb
SCR 90/89 FRÉCHET The Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and Metropolitan France cod fishery (3PN, 4RS) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from 1978 to 1989. 407 kb
SCR 90/90 LASSEN & CARLSSON A catch-rate index for the Greenland shrimp fishery in NAFO Subarea 1. 351 kb
SCR 90/91 SKÚLADÓTTIR The sustainable yield of Pandalus borealis in the Denmark Strait area based on data for the years 1980-89. 111 kb
SCR 90/92 SABORIDO & PAZ Distribution and abundance of cod on the Flemish Cap, July 1988 and 1989. 212 kb
SCR 90/93 FRANCIS Risk analysis in fishery management. 296 kb
SCR 90/94 PRAGER & JONES Effects of growth variability on estimation of the biological reference point F0.1 with examples from Chesapeake Bay, USA. 409 kb
SCR 90/95 COOK et al On the quality of North Sea cod stock forecasts. 136 kb
SCR 90/96 SINCLAIR et al Consistency of some Northwest Atlantic grounfish stock assessments. 878 kb
SCR 90/97 BRODIE A review of the assessment of the American plaice stock in Div. 3LNO in relation to the recent decline in stock abundance. 409 kb
SCR 90/98 BRODIE et al Managing transboundary flatfish stocks - sources and consquences of uncertainty. 316 kb
SCR 90/99 HORSTED Biological advice for and management of some of the major fisheries resources in Greenland waters. 864 kb
 SCR 90/100 PELLETIER & LAUREC Toward more efficent adaptive TAC policies with error-prone data. 485 kb
SCR 90/101 MYERS Population variability and the range of species. 214 kb
SCR 90/102 LASSEN Biological uncertainties in fish stock management. 210 kb
SCR 90/103 RESTREPO et al Quantifying uncertainty in ADAPT (VPA) outputs using simulation - an example based on the assessment of cod in Divions 2J+3KL. 295 kb
SCR 90/104 BAIRD et al Sudden changes in perception of stock size and reference catch levels for cod in Divisions 2J+3KL. 244 kb
SCR 90/105 FRÉCHET A declining cod stock (3Pn, 4RS), how can we learn from the past? 313 kb
SCR 90/106 FAHRIG & ATKINSON Concurrent exploitation of multiple stocks: a redfish simulation study. 572 kb
SCR 90/107 MYERS Setting quotas in a stochastic fishery. 341 kb
SCR 90/108 KIZNER Bootstrap estimation of the confidence intervals of stock and TAC assessments with the use of dynamic surplus production models. 153 kb
SCR 90/109 KIZNER The error of the biomass estimate as a function of survey parameters and the statistics of a concentration density field. 239 kb
SCR 90/110 TALLMAN Reduction of uncertainty caused by discarding in the fisheries of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 408 kb
SCR 90/111 ROSENBERG & BRAULT Stock rebuilding strategies over different time scales. 451 kb
SCR 90/112 SHELTON et al Uncertainty associated with cod-capelin interactions: how much is too much? 355 kb
SCR 90/113 MOHN Stability and sustainability of harvesting strategies in a modelled fishery. 210 kb
 SCR 90/114 PAZ & LARRAÑETA Year-class variations of American Plaice and yellowtail flounder in Div. 3LNO and the abundance of other commercial fish. 198 kb
SCR 90/115 SEREBRYAKOV Prediction of year-class strength under uncertainties related to survial in early life history of some North-American commerical fish. 290 kb

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