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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

1997 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR 97/01 RIKHTER On reliability 4VWX silver hake abundance and biomass estimates, obtained by Canadian scientists in 1985 and 1996. 85 kb
SCR 97/02 SAFRONOV & ANIKEEV Northern shrimp in Russian catches from Flemish Cap Bank (NAFO Division 3M) in 1995-1996. 266 kb
SCR 97/03 RIKHTER On probable relation between Scotian cod, haddock, pollock recruitment and silver hake abundance in the area. 139 kb
SCR 97/04 STEIN Climatic conditions around Greenland-1996. 381 kb
SCR 97/05 RÄTZ Structures and changes of the demersal fish assemblage off Greenland and trends in near bottom termperature, 1982-96. 1129 kb
SCR 97/06 BENWAY & JOSSI Surface and bottom temperatures, and surface salinities: New York
to the Gulf Stream, Massachusetts to Cape Sable, N.S., 1996.
572 kb
SCR 97/07 KISELEVA Assessment of cod stock on the Flemish Cap from data of trawl survey in 1996. 184 kb
SCR 97/08 VASKOV Stock assessment of redfish in Division 3M by data from 1996 Russian trawl survey. 174 kb
SCR 97/09 IGASHOV & VASKOV Assessment of Sebastes marinus stock in Division 3M by Russian research trawl surveys in 1987-1996. 195 kb
SCR 97/10 SAVVATIMSKY & VASKOV Results of Russian surveys on assessment of Greenland halibut stock in the Flemish Pass and on the Flemish Cap in 1996. 229 kb
SCR 97/11 SAVVATIMSKY Results from the assessment of roundnose grenadier stocks in NAFO Subareas 0 and I by the data from the Russian bottom surveys in 1986-1992. 196 kb
SCR 97/12 STEIN & BOROVKOV Fourth Report of Joint Russian/German Data Evaluation of Oceanographic Data from ICNAF/NAFO Standard Sections in the Davis Strait/Labrador Region. 108 kb
SCR 97/13 BOROKOV & STEIN Variability of the warm water supply off West Greenland and Labrador during four decades - 1950 to 1989. 1000 kb
SCR 97/14 DOUGHERTY-POURPORE Marine Environment Data Service report for 1996. 766 kb
SCR 97/15 PAZ & ROMÁN Length/weight relationships for some species of fish encountered in the North West Atlantic (NAFO Regulatory Area: Divisions 3L, 3M and 3NO). 252 kb
SCR 97/16 ROMÁN & PAZ Length/weight relationships for Greenland halibut, Reinhardtius hippaglassaides, from Northwest Atlantic (NAFO Regulatory Area: Divisions 3L, 3M and 3NO). 408 kb
SCR 97/17 CERVIÑO & PREGO Hydrographic conditions on the Flemish Cap in July 1996. 383 kb
SCR 97/18 SABORIDO-REY Sexual maturity and spawning biomass of the cod stock on Flemish Cap (Division 3M). 200 kb
SCR 97/19 MURUA & MOTOS Length at first maturity of roughhead grenadier, Macrourus berglax, in NAFO Divisions 3MNL. 190 kb
SCR 97/20 MURUA & MOTOS Reproductive biology of roughhead grenadier, Macrourus berglax, in NAFO Divisions 3MNL. 796 kb
SCR 97/21 JØRGENSEN Results of the joint Japan/Greenland bottom trawl surveys at West Greenland during 1987-95 Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglassoides, Walbaum). 805 kb
SCR 97/22 JØRGENSEN Results ofthe joint Japan/Greenland trawl surveys at West Greenland during 1987-95, roundnose grenadier (Corphaenoides rupestris Gunnerus). 635 kb
SCR 97/23 YOKAWA & SATANI Results of a stratified random bottom trawl survey in NAFO Divisions 2GH in 1996. 384 kb
SCR 97/24 DURÁN & PAZ Witch flounder (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) in the. Spanish fishery in NAFO Regulatory Area (Divisions 3LM and 3NO) 1991-1994. 334 kb
SCR 97/25 PAZ et al Preliminary results from the 97 Spanish bottom trawl survey in the NAFO Regulatory Area for Divisions 3NO. 294 kb
SCR 97/26 THOMPSON & MACE The evolution of precautionary approaches to fisheries
management, with focus on the United States.
564 kb
SCR 97/27 GORCHINSKY Spatial and temporal variations in Greenland halibut females ratio at age in NAFO Divisions OB, 2GH, 3K and 3LM. 264 kb
SCR 97/28 VAZQUEZ Results from bottom trawl survey of Flemish Cap in July 1996. 766 kb
SCR 97/29 COLBOURNE Environmental conditions on the Newfoundland Shelf, spring 1997 with reference to the 1961-1990 normal. 362 kb
SCR 97/30 BRODIE et al Comparison of results for Greenland halibut from Canadian and Japanese research vessel surveys in Divisions 2GH in 1996. 436 kb
SCR 97/31 BRODIE et al Results of surveys directed at yellowtail flounder in NAFO Divisions 3NO. conducted on a Canadian commercial trawler. 598 kb
SCR 97/32 BISHOP & BRODIE Evaluation of offshore closed areas as a fisheries management tool, with emphasis on two case studies. 640 kb
SCR 97/33 DE CÁRDENAS & MOTOS Yield per recruit for Greenland halibut in Subareas 2 and 3, considering a dome shaped exploitation pattern and differences in natural mortality (M) between sexes. 259 kb
SCR 97/34 DE CÁRDENAS Influence of atitude on the catchability of Greenland halibut. 169 kb
SCR 97/35 GIL et al Evolution of yields and mean lengths of the catch of Greenland halibut in Divisions 3LMNO of the NAFO Regulatory Area. 156 kb
SCR 97/36 GIL et al Contrast between day and night Greenland halibut yields from catches by Spanish commercial fleet, during the period 1991-1994 in NAFO Divisions 3LMN. 178 kb
SCR 97/37 RODRÍGUEZ-MARÍN et al Feeding of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in 3LMNO NAFO Regulatory Area Divisions (Northwest Atlantic),1991-1994. 302 kb
SCR 97/38 MATHIAS & TREBLE An exploratory fishery for Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in Division OA with otter trawl in 1996; analysis of data collected by observers. 372 kb
SCR 97/39 ENGELSTOFT & JØRGENSEN Biomass and abundance of demersal fish stocks off West Greenland estimated from the Greenland trawl survey, 1988-1996. 396 kb
SCR 97/40 HAMMIL & STENSON Estimated prey consumption by harp seals (Phoca groenlandica), grey seals (Halichoerns grypus), harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and hooded seals (Cystophora cristata) in the Northwest Atlantic. 1150 kb
SCR 97/41 ANDERSON & DALLEY Year-class strength of northen cod (2J3KL) estimated from pelagic juvenile fish surveys in the Newfoundland Region, 1994, 1995 and 1996. 461 kb
SCR 97/42 BRODIE et al Results for selected species from a Canadian research vessel survey on Flemish Cap, NAFO Div, 3M, in 1996. 333 kb
SCR 97/43 CADIGAN & SHELTON Associations between 2J3KL fall survey catches of cod and bottom temperature. 536 kb
SCR 97/44 AVILA DE MELO et al Status ofthe redfish stocks in NAFO Div, 3M (Flemish Cap) in 1996. 685 kb
SCR 97/45 DE CÁRDENAS & GODINHO An assessment on American plaice in Division 3M. 138 kb
SCR 97/46 MURPHY & SHELTON Commercial catch rate data as an index of cod abundance in NAFO Divisions 2J3KL. 1059 kb
SCR 97/47 BRANTON et al Effects of modifications to the Scotian Shelfsmall mesh gear line in 1994-96 on catch rates of silver hake. 428 kb
SCR 97/48 STEPHENSON et al Experimental tagging of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in Cumberland Sound, Baffin Island, during the winter fishery, May 1997. 227 kb
SCR 97/49 BRATTEY & PORTER An acoustic survey of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in three inshore areas of westem Trinity Bay (NAFO Division 3L). 807 kb
SCR 97/50 VAZQUEZ et al An assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Division 3M. 319 kb
SCR 97/51 HALLIDAY & COOPER The effect of codend separator grates on silver hake otter trawl catch rate. 453 kb
SCR 97/52 BRODIE et al An assessment of Greenland halibut in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KLMNO. 1164 kb
SCR 97/53 JØRGENSON Assessment of the Greenland halibut stock component in NAFO Subarea 0 + Div. IB-IF. 258 kb
SCR 97/54 SHOWELL & COOPER Development of the Canadian silver hake fishery, 1987-96. 242 kb
SCR 97/55 RÄKE Assessment of other finfish in NAFO Subarea 1. 126 kb
SCR 97/56 RÄKE Assessment of redfish in NAFO Subarea 1. 162 kb
SCR 97/57 MURPHY Cod in Divisions 2J+3KL - estimates of biomass and age composition for the portion of the stock in the NAFO Regulatory Area from Canadian research vessel surveys. 291 kb
SCR 97/58 ALPOIM Age structure of roughhead grenadier (Macrourus berglax) on Flemish Cap, 1996. 118 kb
SCR 97/59 MURPHY et al A stock status update for NAFO Divisions 2J+3KL cod. 1566 kb
SCR 97/60 MORGAN et al An assessment of Divisions 3LNO American plaice. 1102 kb
SCR 97/61 BOWERING A review of the status of witch flounder in Divisions 2J, 3KL. 446 kb
SCR 97/62 LILLY Size and condition of cod in Divisions 2J+3KL during 1978-1996. 568 kb
SCR 97/63 DRINKWATER et al Overview of environmental conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1996. 1760 kb
SCR 97/64 POWER Redfish in NAFO Divisions 3LN. 1092 kb
SCR 97/65 BOWERING & ORR Distribution and abundance of witch flounder in NAFO Divisions 3NO. 538 kb
SCR 97/66 WALSH & MCCALLUM Observations on the varying fishing powers of Canadian survey vessels and trawls. 307 kb
SCR 97/67 GODINHO & ALPOIM Essays on baking technique of Greenland halibut otoliths for ageing
81 kb
SCR 97/68 WARREN et al Analysis of the 1996 comparative fishing trial between the Alfred Needler with the Engel 145 trawl and the Wilfred Templeman with the Campelen 1800 trawl. 344 kb
SCR 97/69 SHOWELL Assessment of the 4VWX silver hake population in 1996. 538 kb
SCR 97/70 DAVIS et al An assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Divisions 3NO. 589 kb
SCR 97/71 MORGAN & WALSH Observations on maturation, recruitment and spawning stock biomass in yellowtail flounder on the Grand Bank. 151 kb
SCR 97/72 WALSH et al An assessment of the Grand Bank yellowtail flounder stock in NAFO Divisions 3LNO. 1630 kb
SCR 97/73 STANSBURY Conversion factors for cod from comparative fishing trials for Engel 145 otter trawl and Campolen 1800 shrimp trawl used on research vessels. 277 kb
SCR 97/74 POWER Roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) in NAFO Subareas 2+3. 307 kb
SCR 97/75 SHOWELL Trends in growth and condition of 4VWX silver hake, 1970-96. 310 kb
SCR 97/76 DE CÁRDENAS & MOTOS Influence of post-escapement mortality in the yield of a Greenland halibut trawl fishery. 102 kb
SCR 97/77 SINCLAIR Biological reference points relevant to a precautionary approach to fisheries management: an example for southern Gulf of St. Lawrence cod. 469 kb
SCR 97/78 SIMONSEN & BOJE An assessment of the inshore Greenland halibut stock component in NAFO Division IA. 371 kb
SCR 97/79 AVILA DE MELO & ALPOIM Background rationale for status quo management advice on Division 3M redfish. 125 kb
SCR 97/80 SKÚLADÓTTIR The by-catch in the shrimp fishery ofIceland at Flemish Cap in 1996 and 1997. 120 kb
SCR 97/81 PARSONS et al Distribution, biomass, abundance and demography of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap (NAFO Div. 3M) based on data obtained during a Canadian research trawl survey, September-October, 1996. 459 kb
SCR 97/82 PARSONS The international fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division 3M (Flemish Cap), 1993-1997. 301 kb
SCR 97/83 PARSONS & VEITCH The Canadian fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap (NAFO Division 3M), 1993-1997. 349 kb
SCR 97/84 COLBURNE Oceanographic conditions on the Flemish Cap during the summer of 1997, with comparisons to the previous year and the 1961-1990 average. 367 kb
SCR 97/85 SKÚLADÓTTIR The Icelandic shrimp fishery (Pandalus borealis Kr.) at the Flemish Cap in 1993-1997. 634 kb
SCR 97/86 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF The Greenland fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap (NAFO Division 3M) in 1997. 181 kb
SCR 97/87 DEL RIO & SAINZA Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) stock on Flemish Cap according to 1988-1996 surveys. 467 kb
SCR 97/88 DEL RIO Northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) on Flemish Cap in July-August 1997. 196 kb
SCR 97/89 JUNQUERA et al Spanish shrimp (Pandalus borealis) fishery in Flemish Cap in 1997. 108 kb
SCR 97/90 NICOLAJSEN Biomass estimate, length distrihution, and growth of the shrimp stock on Flemish Cap (Div. 3M) in June 1997. 88 kb
SCR 97/91 ASCHAN & GODØ Evaluation of state of stock and production potential of Division 3M shrimp based on area comparison. 231 kb
SCR 97/92 GONZÀLEZ & BRUNO Food and feeding of ocean redfish (Sebastes mentella Travin) in the North Atlantic. 342 kb
SCR 97/93 NICOLAJSEN Biomass estimate, length distribution and growth of the shrimp stock on the Nose of the Bank (Div. 3L) in May-June 1997. 212 kb
SCR 97/94 BURUKOVSKY & SUDNIK On realized fecundity of northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) at Flemish Cap during spring-summer 1996. 146 kb
SCR 97/95 SKÚLADÓTTIR & STEFÁNSSON Indices of female biomass ofshrimp (Pandalus borealis Kr.) at the Flemish Cap. 110 kb
SCR 97/96 RÄTZ Biomass indices and geographical distribution patterns of survey catches for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off West and East Greenland, 1982-96. 281 kb
SCR 97/97 HVINGEL et al The Greenlandic fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Denmark Strait 1996 and January-October 1997. 628 kb
SCR 97/98 HVINGEL et al The Greenlandic fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off West Greenland, 1970-1997. 813 kb
SCR 97/99 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF Stratified-random trawl survey for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Disko Bay and Vaigat, inshore West Greenland, 1997. 295 kb
SCR 97/100 PARSONS & VEITCH The Canadian fishery for northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Division OA and Subarea I, 1979-1997. 440 kb
SCR 97/101 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF Offsshore stratified-random trawl survey for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Subarea 0+1 in 1997. 569 kb
SCR 97/102 SKÚLADÓTTIR The catch statistics of the shrimp fishery (Pandalus borealis) in the Denmark Strait in the Years 1980-1997. 512 kb
SCR 97/103 SKÚLADÓTTIR The Icelandic Shrimp Fishery (Pandalus borealis Kr.) in the Denmark Strait in 1996-1997 and Some Reflection on Age Groups in the Years 1991-1996. 223 kb
SCR 97/104 CARLSSON A new interpretation of the age-at-length key for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the Disko Area (Disko Bay and Vaigat) in West Greenland (NAFO Subarea I). 234 kb
SCR 97/105 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF Evaluation of year-class strength in samples from a commercial shrimp fishery, a theoretical approach. 469 kb
SCR 97/106 SKÚLADÓTTIR Preliminary assessment of shrimp in the Denmark Strait in 1997. 328 kb
SCR 97/107 CARLSSON & KANNEWORFF A trawl survey for small shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in shallow water at West Greenland (NAFO Subarea I) in 1991. 249 kb
SCR 97/108 CARLSSON A first report on a special study on variations in catch of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) by depth in West Greenland (NAFO Subarea 1) in 1997. 164 kb

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