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Scientific Council Research Documents (SCR)

1985 Scientific Council Research (SCR) Documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR 85/1 BOWEN & SERGEANT A mark-recapture estimate of 1983 harp seal pup production in the Northwest Atlantic 458 kb
SCR 85/2 BOWEN An estimate of the proportion of recovered harp seal tags not returned for reward: the 1983 mark-recapture experiment 324 kb
SCR 85/3 CARLSSON Data on the shrimp fishery in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1983 and 1984 1374 kb
SCR 85/4 PARSONS et al. Catch, effort, CPUE and biological data from the Canadian fishery for shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division OA, 1984 651 kb
SCR 85/5 SMEDSTAD Preliminary report of a cruise with M/T Masi to East Greenland waters in September 1984 333 kb
SCR 85/6 SMEDSTAD & TORHEIM Norwegian investigations on shrimp (Pandalus borealis) off West Greenland waters in 1984 315 kb
SCR 85/7 SMEDSTAD & TORHEIM Norwegian investigations on shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in East Greenland waters in 1984 252 kb
SCR 85/8 KANNEWORFF Biomass of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in NAFO Subarea 1 in 1981-84, estimated by means of bottom photography 621 kb
SCR 85/9 KAPEL Trends in catches of harp and hooded seals in Greenland, 1939-83 574 kb
SCR 85/10 POULARD & FONTAINE Catch, effort and biological data of shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in the French fishery off East Greenland in 1984 428 kb
SCR 85/11 HALLGRÍMSSON & SKÚLADÓTTIR The Icelandic shrimp (Pandalus borealis) fishery in Denmark Strait in 1984 189 kb
SCR 85/12 CARLSSON Data on the shrimp fishery at East Greenland in 1984 compared to earlier years 465 kb
SCR 85/13 LARSEN Report on harp seal recoveries in Greenland, 1981-84 113 kb
SCR 85/14 Hay et al. Estimation of pup production of hooded seal (Cystophora cr1stata) in the Northwest Atlantic during March 1984 1138 kb
SCR 85/15 SKÚLADÓTTIR The sustainable yield of Pandalus borealis in the Denmark Strait area 192 kb
SCR 85/16 KULKA The effect of changing effort patterns of catch composition in the roundnose grenadier fishery, 1978-83 739 kb
SCR 85/17 STEIN Cold water off West Greenland - teleconnection with El Nino? 159 kb
SCR 85/18 ARMSTRONG Bottom temperatures on the continental shelf and slope south of New England during 1984 213 kb
SCR 85/19 PRICE Anticyclonic warm core Gulf Stream rings off the northeastern United States during 1984 389 kb
SCR 85/20 JOSSI & SMITH The continuous plankton recorder survey: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1984 287 kb
SCR 85/21 JOSSI Surface temperatures and salinities: Massachusetts to Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, and New York to the Gulf Stream, 1984 393 kb
SCR 85/22 ARMSTRONG Variation in the shelf water front position in 1984 from Georges Bank to Cape Romain 305 kb
SCR 85/23 INGHAM & McLAIN Sea-surface temperatures in the northwestern Atlantic in 1984 665 kb
SCR 85/24 BENWAY Water column thermal structure across the shelf and slope southeast of Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 1984 149 kb
SCR 85/25 DREW et al. The 1984 fishery short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Newfoundland area 346 kb
SCR 85/26 ROWELL & BUDDEN The 1984 fishery for Illex illecebrosus in SA 4 and biological characteristics of the stocks 397 kb
SCR 85/27 ROWELL et al. Biological characteristics and biomass estimates of the squid (Illex illecebrosus) on the Scotian Shelf (Div. 4VWX) in 1984 813 kb
SCR 85/28 VAZQUEZ & VAZQUEZ Status of the cod stock in Divisions 3L, 3 M and 3N in 1984 295 kb
SCR 85/29 STEIN & BUCH Mean temperature conditions off Fyllas Bank/West Greenland 135 kb
SCR 85/30 STEIN & BUCH Short time variability in hydrographic conditions off Fyllas Bank, West Greenland 284 kb
SCR 85/31 STEIN On the distribution of Labrador sea water 249 kb
SCR 85/32 MAUCORPS & POULARD Contributions to the assessment of the cod stock in subdivision 3Ps 230 kb
SCR 85/33 RIKHTER & KONOVALOV Distribution of some groundfish species on the Scotian Shelf Slopes during the 1984 fishing season from the data of Soviet observers 372 kb
SCR 85/34 RIKHTER & KONOVALOV On the question of relationship of growth rate of gonads, abundance and timing of silver hake migration from the Scotian Shelf Slopes in summer 340 kb
SCR 85/35 RIKHTER Comparative estimating of total instantaneous mortality rate for the Scotian Shelf silver hake (Divisions 4VWX) from the data of Canadian groundfish surveys and commercial catches per unit effort 239 kb
SCR 85/36 NOSKOV Assessment of the Scotian silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) stocks and allowable catch in 1986 388 kb
SCR 85/37 BAIRD & BISHOP Assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Divisions 2J+3KL 1013 kb
SCR 85/38 BISHOP & BAIRD An assessment of the cod stock in SubdiVision 3Ps 921 kb
SCR 85/39 BISHOP & BAIRD Assessment of the cod stock in NAFO Divisions 3NO 662 kb
SCR 85/40 LEAR Migration and intermingling of cod in relation to the Canadian 200-mile limit around the nose (NAFO Division 3L) and the tail (NAFO Division 3N) of the Grand Bank 597 kb
SCR 85/41 LEAR & BOWERING Minimum trawlable biomass estimates of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) in NAFO Divisions 2G and 2H from post-stratified groundfish surveys 271 kb
SCR 85/42 LEAR & BAIRD Minimum estimates of abundance of Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) in NAFO Divisions 2J, 3K and 3L from research vessel surveys 512 kb
SCR 85/43 BOWERING & BRODIE The status of the Greenland halibut (Reinhardtlus hippoglossoides) stock in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KL 786 kb
SCR 85/44 BOWERING The witch flounder fishery in NAFO Divisions 3NO 160 kb
SCR 85/45 AKHTARINA & CHECHENIN Results of ichthyoplankton survey on Flemish Cap Bank 1n March-April 1984 674 kb
SCR 85/46 ATKINSON The roundnose grenadier of Subareas 0+1 and 2+3 289 kb
SCR 85/47 HATANAKA Some morphological features and body size of early stage short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic 287 kb
SCR 85/48 ATKINSON The redfish of NAFO Div. 3M 1734 kb
SCR 85/49 ATKINSON The redfish of NAFO Div. 3LN 1706 kb
SCR 85/50 BRODIE An assessment of the yellowtail flounder stock in NAFO Div. 3L, 3N and 3O 3857 kb
SCR 85/51 BRODIE An assessment update of the American plaice stock in NAFO Divisions 3LNO 1472 kb
SCR 85/52 BAKANEV & GORCHINSKY Hydroacoustic survey of capelin stocks in Divisions 2J+3K and trawl survey of capelin prerecruits in Divisions 3KLNO in November 1984-January 1985 1583 kb
SCR 85/53 NIKOLSKAYA et al. Estimation of the stock abundance and TAC for beaked redfish in Div. 3LN and 3M for 1985 3454 kb
SCR 85/54 BAKANEV et al. Estimation of the stock abundance and TAC for capelin in Div. 2J+3K and 3LNO for 1985-1986 1939 kb
SCR 85/55 MAMYLOV & BAKANEV Soviet investigations of capelin stocks in Divisions 3LNO in May-June 1984 1954 kb
SCR 85/56 PERLYUKM et al. Dissolved organic matter - index of increased biological productivity zones 1200 kb
SCR 85/57 ALBIKOVSKAYA Length-age composition of Benthosema glaciale (Myctophidae) from the southern slope of the Grand Bank 1287 kb
SCR 85/58 ZUBCHENKO Characteristics of parasitofauna and some comments on intra-specific structure of American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides platessoides (Fabricius)) 1956 kb
SCR 85/59 BOROVKOV & BURMAKIN Hydrographic conditions off Labrador and Newfoundland in 1993-1984 2455 kb
SCR 85/60 SIGAEV Year to year variability of water temperatures on the Scotian Shelf in Summerr 1978-1981 and fall 1977-1984 1599 kb
SCR 85/61 ROSENORN et al. Record-hard winters at West Greenland 2185 kb
SCR 85/62 HANSEN & BUCH Prediction of year-class strength of cod off West Greenland 1694 kb
SCR 85/63 CORNUS et al. Status of the West Greenland cod stock and management considerations 4292 kb
SCR 85/64 FANNING Intercalibration of silver hake abundance estimates from research vessel surveys by different vessels 486 kb
SCR 85/65 WELLS & BAIRD Age compositions of cod in longline samples in 1984 and an abundance estimate from a research vessel survey in 1985 on the Flemish Cap 1334 kb
SCR 85/66 HUNT Comparison of USSR and Canadian estimates of silver hake
150 kb
SCR 85/67 HUNT Assessment of the historical consistency of Canadian research vessel surveys as an indicator of silver hake abundance 3375 kb
SCR 85/68 WALDRON & FANNING Status of the Scotian Shelf silver hake population in 1984 929 kb
SCR 85/69 TRITES & ROWELL Larval and juvenile distribution of the short-finned squid (Illex Illecebrosus) in the Cape Hatteras-Florida Straits area in the December- January period, 1984-1985 5170 kb
SCR 85/70 CARSCADDEN & HODDER Preliminary list of studies related to environmentally-induced variation in availability of marine species 1362 kb
SCR 85/71 KEELEY Marine Environmental Data Service report for 1984/85 9151 kb
SCR 85/72 LILLY Cod (Gadus morhua) on the Flemish Cap fed primarily on redfish (Sebastes sp.) in winter 1984 7948 kb
SCR 85/73 MILLER Capelin (Mallotus villosus) hydroacoustic surveys in NAFO Divisions 3L and 3LNO in 1984 1791 kb
SCR 85/74 TRITES & DRINKWATER Overview of environmental conditions in the Northwest Atlantic in 1984 1425 kb
SCR 85/75 KULKA Estimates of discarding by the Newfoundland offshore fleet
in 1983
3553 kb
SCR 85/76 NAKASHIMA & HARNUM The 1984 inshore capelin fishery in Div. 3L 2053 kb
SCR 85/77 CLAY & NIELSEN Age specific M and its effect on VPA: Div. 4VWX silver hake 2562 kb
SCR 85/78 WOOD Early entry in the Scotian Shelf silver hake fishery: activity of Cuban vessels in April 1984 and April 1985 1311 kb
SCR 85/79 PALSSON et al. Icelandic groundfish survey, 1985 8611 kb
SCR 85/80 Holt et al. Research vessel survey design for monitoring dolphin abundance in the eastern Tropical Pacific, 1986-1990 2476 kb
SCR 85/81 PENNINGTON Some statistical techniques for estimating abundance indices for trawl surveys 1323 kb
SCR 85/82 AUSTER CPUE indicator for crustacean trap fisheries unbiased by distribution of soak time 808 kb
SCR 85/83 KOELLER et al. Juvenile fish surveys on the Scotian Shelf: implications for year-class size assessments 3565 kb
SCR 85/84 NAKASHIMA The design and application of aerial surveys to estimate inshore distribution and relative abundance of cape1in 2160 kb
SCR 85/85 PRINGLE et al. An evaluation of techniques designed to assess lobster fishing effort in eastern Canadian waters 1992 kb
SCR 85/86 CONAN et al. Estimates of lobster fishing effort by aerial surveys 2089 kb
SCR 85/87 CONAN et al. Estimates of snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) abundance by underwater television 1316 kb
SCR 85/88 SERCHUK & WIGLEY Evaluation of USA and Canadian research. vessel surveys and survey design in assessing abundance, size composition and recruitment of sea scallops on Georges Bank 912 kb
SCR 85/89 SMOLOWITZ et al. Performance of an offshore scallop survey dregdge equipped with rock chains 3729 kb
SCR 85/90 BYRNE & FOGARTY Comparison of the fishing power of two fisheries research vessels 2185 kb
SCR 85/91 MYERS & ROSENBERG Estimation using research survey data and commercial catch data 2312 kb
SCR 85/92 SCOTT & GAVARIS Age-related temporal and seasonal changes in distribution of cod on the eastern Scotian Shelf 1351 kb
SCR 85/93 GAVARIS & SMITH A comparison of survey stratification schemes based on depth and on historical spatial dispersion 1938 kb
SCR 85/94 PERRY & GAVARIS The relation of cod distributions with environmental conditions on the eastern Scotian Shelf, 1970-84 2220 kb
SCR 85/95 MESSTORFF Cod biomass and abundance estimates for NAFO Division 2J from stratified- random bottom-trawl survey results over a time series of 12 years, 1972-1983 2031 kb
SCR 85/96 HALLIDAY et al. Resource and fishery distributions in the Gulf of Maine area in relation to the Subarea 4/5 boundary 8375 kb
SCR 85/97 MOHN et al. Research sampling and survey design of Georges Bank scallops 1836 kb
SCR 85/98 CORNUS Development of a bottom trawl survey off, East Greenland from 1980 to 1984 2632 kb
SCR 85/99 SCOTT et al. Mullet stock biomass estimation using aerial visual, shipboard, and photogrammetric sampling 5714 kb
SCR 85/100 WELLS A stratagem for handling zero catches in fish survey results 288 kb
SCR 85/101 SCHMITT Reliability of trawl survey estimates of juvenile halibut abundance 2362 kb
SCR 85/102


The influence of trawI geometry and performance and fish vertical distribution on fish sampling with bottom trawl 1753 kb
SCR 85/103 DeVRIES Description and preliminary evaluation of a statewide estuarine trawl survey in North Carolina 3843 kb
SCR 85/104 RUBEC et al. New developments in computerized field data acquisition equipment for groundfish surveys 2000 kb
SCR 85/105 MILLER The use of hydroacoustic surveys to estimate capelin biomass in NAFO Divisions 2J+3KLNO 3337 kb
SCR 85/106 BRODIE & WELLS The distribution of trawl catches of cod and American plaice from research vessel surveys in NAFO Divisions 3L, 3M and 3N 1922 kb
SCR 85/107 ILES et al. Evaluation of the use of larval survey data to tune herring stock assessments in the Bay of Fundy/Gulf of Maine 1400 kb
SCR 85/108 CONAN Assessment of shellfish stocks by geostatistical techniques 2006 kb
SCR 85/109 BOWERING & LILLY Diet of Greenland halibut off southern Labrador and northeastern Newfoundland (Div. 2J+3K) in autumn of 1981-82, emphasizing predation on capelin 2189 kb
SCR 85/110 ERMOLCHEV Methods and results of in situ measurements of the average target strength of pelagic fishes 1436 kb
SCR 85/111 ZAFERMAN & SEREBROV Results of identification of trawl catchability by underwater methods in relation to some fish species of the Northwest Atlantic 2096 kb
SCR 85/112 IVNOVA & SHERSTJUKOV Calculated estimate of differential catchability for two fry trawls (International IYGPT and the Soviet 13.6 m trawls) 1380 kb
SCR 85/113 NOSKOV & ROMANCHENKO Abundance and distribution of a-group redfish (Sebastes mentella Travin) in the Irminger Sea in 1984 1554 kb
SCR 85/114 NOSKOV et al. Distribution and fluctuations of the Scotian silver hake abundance in early stages 2234 kb

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