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Chronology of NAFO documents and publications

1982 Scientific Council Research (SCR) documents


Doc No.

Serial No.



SCR 82/1 RIKHTER et al. Distribution of some groundfish species and short finned squid on the Scotian Shelf during the 1981 fishing season. based on data from USSR observers 1491 kb
SCR 82/2 ANDERSON Prospectus on future-research for the Flemish Cap Project 1261 kb
SCR 82/3 EVSEENKO Ichthyoplankton of the Canadian zone of the Gulf Stream in November-December 1974 3340 kb
SCR 82/4 BAILEY A time-series of sea-surface temperature on the Flemish Cap, 1962-81 854 kb
SCR 82/5 O'DOR et al. Laboratory observations of mid-water spawning by Illex illecebrosus 1205 kb
SCR 82/6 BAILEY Synoptic sea-surface temperature charts 2443 kb
SCR 82/7 JOSSI et al. Continuous plankton records: the sampling program of the U. S. National Marine Fisheries Service 992 kb
SCR 82/8 ARMSTRONG Variation in the shelf water front position in 1981 from Georges Bank to Cape Romain 788 kb
SCR 82/9 CRIST Bottom temperatures on the continental shelf and slope south of New England during 1981 1008 kb
SCR 82/10 FITZGERALD & CHAMBERLIN Anticyclonic warm core Gulf Stream rings off the northeastern United States during 1981 923 kb
SCR 82/11 HUGHES & COOK Water column thermal structure across the shelf and slope southeast of Sandy Hook, New Jersey in 1981 786 kb
SCR 82/12 MCLAIN & INGHAM Sea-surface temperatures in the Northwestern Atlantic in 1981 3618 kb
SCR 82/13 NOSKOV Studies conducted by the USSR in NAFO Subarea 4 in 1981 996 kb
SCR 82/14 KONSTANTINOV et al. On validity of trawl mesh size used in fishing areas of the Northwest Atlantic 2943 kb
SCR 82/15 KONOVALOV & NIGMATULLIN USSR Fishery for the shortfin squid in Subarea 4, 1981 551 kb
SCR 82/16 BURMAKIN Water temperature in the Newfoundland and Labrador areas in 1981 899 kb
SCR 82/17 BOROVKOV & KUDLO Geostrophic circulation of water in the Labrador and Newfoundland areas in spring-summer 1981 1139 kb
SCR 82/18 NAKASHIMA & HARNUM Summary of a logbook survey of the 1981 inshore cape1in fishery in Divisions 3KL 855 kb
SCR 82/19 DUPOUY & MINET Catch, effort and biological characteristics of squid (Illex illeoebrosus) in the French inshore fishery (Subdiv. 3Ps), in 19B1 846 kb
SCR 82/20 DUPOUY & MINET Biological characteristics and biomass estimate of the squid (Illex illecebrosus) on Scotian Shelf (Div. 4VWX) in late summer 1576 kb
SCR 82/21 DUPOUY On the occurrence of squid (Illex illecebrosus) in NAFO Subareas 2, 3 and 4, during winter season 1161 kb
SCR 82/22 NAGAI & KAWAHARA Estimation of Illex squid abundance on the southern edge of the Scotian Shelf for the 1981 fishing season 710 kb
SCR 82/23 HATANAKA Outline of Japanese squid fishery in NAFO Subareas 3 and 4 in 1981 724 kb
SCR 82/24 TRITES Physical oceanographic features and processes relevant to Illex illecebrocus spawning areas and subsequent larval distributon 3525 kb
SCR 82/25 DAWE et al. Distribution and size completion of juvenile short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic in relation to mechanisms of transport, February 4-April 30, 1982 4383 kb
SCR 82/26 DAWE & BECK Rhynchoteuthion larvae from the Northwest Atlantic and aspects of the distribution of larval Illex 1719 kb
SCR 82/27 BECK et al. Breakdown of short-finned squid catches in NAFO Subarea 3 and Division 4R for 1980 and biological characteristics for Newfoundland inshore commercial samples and early season offshore samples 1800 kb
SCR 82/28 AMARATUNGA & BUDDEN Allometry of squid (Illex illecebrosus) 3409 kb
SCR 82/29 AMARATUNGA et al. Update for 1981 squid Illex illecebrosus fishing in Subarea 4 1447 kb
SCR 82/30 COELHO et al. Some histological observations on gonadal development of Illex illecebrosus (Le Sueur). 2700 kb
SCR 82/31 SEREBRYAKOV A key for identification of ichthyoplankton from the Northwest Atlantic (shelf waters north of the Cabot Strait) kb
SCR 82/32 HATANAKA et al. Aspects on the spawning season, distribution and migration of shortfinned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in larval and juvenile stages in the Northwest Atlantic 3507 kb
SCR 82/33 NOSKOV et al. Results of ecological surveys on the Nova Scotia Shelf in 1974 and 1977-1980 to study the spawningf silver hake 3342 kb
SCR 82/34 AMARATUNGA & BUDDEN The R. V. Lady Hammond larval-juvenile survey, February 1982 in Subarea 4 1983 kb
SCR 82/35 LILLY & GAVARIS Distribution and abundance of juvenile redfish (Sebastes sp.) on Flemish Cap in winter 1982: evidence of strong recruitment 1250 kb
SCR 82/36 LILLY Cannabalism in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) on Flemish Cap in winter, 1978-82 721 kb
SCR 82/37 ANDERSON Distribution, abundance and growth of cod (Gadus morhua) and redfish (Sebastes spp.) larvae on Flemish Cap. 1981 1574 kb
SCR 82/38 ANDERSON Size and condition of larval Sebastes spp. on Flemish Cap during spring 1980 1262 kb
SCR 82/39 PENNEY Identify of the larval redfish (Sebastes spp.) population on Flemish Cap: preliminary report 1716 kb
SCR 82/40 PENNEY Otolith analysis of age and growth of larval redfish (Sebastes spp.) Flemish Cap, 1981 938 kb
SCR 82/41 AKENHEAD Flemish Cap cod year-class strength and environmental variables 1667 kb
 SCR 82/42 KEELEY Regional difference in water types on the Flemish Cap 1022 kb
SCR 82/43 DUPOUY et al. Prelimary data on prediction on predation of fishes on squid (Illex illecebrosus) on the Scotian Shelf (NAFO Div. 4VWX) 1237 kb
SCR 82/44 KEELEY Marine environmental data service report for 1981-82 2928 kb
SCR 82/45 WELLS The shape of cod on the Flemish Cap 330 kb
SCR 82/46 WELLS The condition factor of cod 845 kb
SCR 82/47 COELHO Some field data on fecundity of Illex illecebrosus (LeSueur 1525 kb
SCR 82/48 PITT Recalculation of natural mortality of American plaice from the Grand Bank 919 kb
SCR 82/49 NOSKOV Estimation of stock size and allowable catch of silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) on the Scotian Shelf 897 kb
SCR 82/50 HORSTED Status of Subarea 1 cod and estimates of stock and yield for 1982-85 4537 kb
SCR 82/51 KROEGER First attempts to quantify variations in behaviour of groundfish otter trawls used by the Federal Republic of Germany in North Atlantic surveys. 1873 kb
SCR 82/52 BRODIE & PITT American plaice in NAFO Divisions 3L, 3N and 30 - a stock assessment update 607 kb
SCR 82/53 BRODIE & PITT Assessment update for the yellowtail stocks in Divisions 3LNO 2197 kb
SCR 82/54 MILLER et al. Cape1in acoustic surveys in NAFO Divisions 2J+3KL and 3LNO and 3L, 1981-82 1366 kb
SCR 82/55 ATKINSON Status of roundnose grenadier in Subareas 0+1 and 2+3 1173 kb
SCR 82/56 CARSCADDEN & MILLER An assessment of the capelin stock in Subarea 2 and Division 3K using a sequential capelin abundance model. 1571 kb
SCR 82/57 BISHOP & GAVARIS Stock assessment of cod in Divisions 3NO 1530 kb
SCR 82/58 GAVARIS An assessment of redfish on the Flemish Cap 1161 kb
SCR 82/59 ATKINSON Analysis of data on redfish in Divisions 3LN 2326 kb
SCR 82/60 KOVALEV Results of the experimental capelin fishery in the autumn of 1981 522 kb
SCR 82/61 BAKANEV & ERMOLCHEV Hydroacoustic assessment of cape1in abundance in NAFO Divisions 3LNO in May-June 1981 1368 kb
SCR 82/62 GORCHINSKY Dynamics of yellowtail flounder stock on the Grand, Newfoundland Bank in 1973-81 933 kb
SCR 82/63 POSTOLAKY Abundance and biomass of cod on the Flemish Cap 723 kb
SCR 82/64 ANTHONY The calculation of F0.l: a plea for standardization 2117 kb
SCR 82/65 WALDRON & HARRIS Scotian Shelf silver hake (Merlluccius bilinearis) population abundance in 1981 with projections to 1983 1072 kb
SCR 82/66 GAVARIS Status of the cod stock in NAFO Division 3M 543 kb
SCR 82/67 BOWERING & BRODIE The Greenland halibut fishery in NAFO Subarea 2 and Divisions 3KL 2328 kb
SCR 82/68 BISHOP & GAVARIS Assessment of cod stock-in NAFO Divisions 2J+3KL 1762 kb
SCR 82/69 ALBIKOVSKAYA Characteristics of feeding of three species of wolffishes in the Northwest Atlantic 1295 kb
SCR 82/70 UGLAND Comments to D. A. Roff and W. D. Bowen, 1981, Popu1ation dynamics of harp seals, 1967-1991, NAFO SCR Doc. 81/VI/166 778 kb
SCR 82/71 MOROSOVA Distribution of three species of ee1pout in Newfoundland divisions in relation with depths and bottom temperatures 1781 kb
SCR 82/72 BJ0RGE Field investigations of harp and hooded seal on the Front during the sealing season 1982 690 kb
SCR 82/73 KISELEVA Age and growth of witch flounder in Divisions 3K 1282 kb
SCR 82/74 MARl & DOMINGUEZ Selectivity study on silver hake in Divisions 4VW, May 1982 3154 kb
SCR 82/75 LEAR & WELLS Vertebral averages of juvenile cod (Gadus morhua) from eastern Newfoundland and Labrador as indicators of stock origin 2918 kb
SCR 82/76 SCOTT Geographical distribution of haddock on the Scotian Shelf 1352 kb
SCR 82/77 LARRAƑETA An approach to the stock-recruitment relationship of cod (Gadus morhua) in Divisions 2J and 3KL 1190 kb
SCR 82/78 BOWERING Stock identification studies of Greenland halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) in the Northwest Atlantic from tagging experiments 1956 kb
SCR 82/79 TEMPLEMAN Stock discrimination in marine fishes 1734 kb
SCR 82/80 GRAHAM et al. Discrimination of spawning groups of herring, Clupea harengus, along the coast of Maine 2609 kb
SCR 82/81 ALMEIDA An analysis of the stock structure of silver hake, Merluccius bilinearis, in NAFO Subareas 5 and 6 3135 kb
SCR 82/82 NI Meristic variation in golden redfish, Sebastes marinus, in the Northwest Atlantic 1922 kb
SCR 82/83 NI Meristic variation in beaked redfishes, Sebastes mentella and S. fasciatus, in the Northwest Atlantic 4009 kb
SCR 82/84 KENCHINGTON Population structure and management units of redfishes (Sebastes sp.) on the Scotian Shelf 5247 kb
SCR 82/85 DICKIE The genetic structure of mussel populations in eastern Canadian waters 1549 kb
SCR 82/86 DAVIDSON et al. Discrimination of Atlantic snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, populations: a problem of management application 1475 kb
SCR 82/87 NI & TEMPLEMAN Reproductive cycles of redflshes in southern Newfoundland waters 2117 kb
SCR 82/88 NI & SANDEMAN The logistic model for determining size at maturity in species differentiation and stock discrimination for Northwest Atlantic red£ishes 2230 kb
SCR 82/89 LEAR Discrimination of the cod stock complex in Divisions 2J+3KL based on tagging. 4715 kb
SCR 82/90 SINDERMANN Parasites as natural tags for marine fish: a review 1903 kb
SCR 82/91 DAWE et al. On the stock identity of shortfinned squid (Illex illecebrosus) in the Northwest Atlantic 2915 kb
SCR 82/92 SHESTOV Vertebral number 8S method of separating intrapopulational groups of haddock in the Newfoundland subarea 2794 kb
SCR 82/93 SAVVATIMSKY Variability in morphometric and meristic features of the roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris), related to their linear growth. 2076 kb
SCR 82/94 RIKHTER et al. On discrimination of the silver hake stocks of the Nova Scotia Shelf (Div. 4W) and southwestern slope of the Grand Bank (Div. 30) 869 kb
SCR 82/95 NESTEROV Data on distribution of the Northwest Atlantic saury. Scomberesox saurus(Walb.). for evaluation of the unity of their population 704 kb
SCR 82/96 CHUMAKOV & SEREBRYAKOV Distribution of Greenland halibut from the Greenland-Canadian population 1600 kb
SCR 82/97 McGLADDERY The parasites of northwestern Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) 1019 kb
SCR 82/98 WALDRON et al. Discrimination of possible silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) stocks on the Scotian Shelf 2838 kb
SCR 82/99 PINHORN Has the catchability coefficient (q) really changed in Div. 2J+3KL cod fishery? 579 kb
SCR 82/100 BOWERING Minimum trawlable biomass estimates of Greenland halibut in NAFO Divisions 2G and 2H from post-stratified groundfish surveys 1081 kb
SCR 82/101 TSYGANOV et al. Distribution of available potential energy, geostrophic circulation and biological productivity indices in two areas of the North Atlantic. 1395 kb
SCR 82/102 McGLADE Pattern recognition: partitioning in morphological hyperspace. 704 kb
SCR 82/103 GRIMM Changes of time and sites of herring (Clupea harengus L.) spawning vs. bottom temperature over the spawning beds in the Georges Bank-Nantucket Shoals areas, 1971-1977 seasons 4807 kb
SCR 82/104 AMARATUNGA Population structure of the squid Illex illecebrocus 2672 kb
SCR 82/105 ATKINSON The use of hydroacoustics for the enumeration of redfish - preliminary investigations in NAPO Div. 4RS 1390 kb
SCR 82/106 Document not issued kb
SCR 82/107 CAMPBELL & MOHN The quest for lobster stock boundaries in the Canadian Maritimes. 4866 kb
SCR 82/108 STOBO Tagging studies on Scotian Shelf herring 2164 kb
SCR 82/109 PAYNE & NI The biochemical population genetics of redfishes (Sebastes sp.) off southern Newfoundland 852 kb
SCR 82/110 POWER & NI Morphology of the extrinsic gasb1adder musculature in golden redfish, Sebastes marinus 2650 kb
SCR 82/111 BISHOP & GAVARIS Further considerations in assessment of the cod stock in Div. 2J+3KL 2924 kb
SCR 82/112 MISRA & NI Introducing a new discriminant analysis (with covariance) and multivariate analysis of covariance. with a study of beaked redfishes Sebastes mentella and S. fasciatus 1435 kb
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