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ICNAF Documents

Before 1965 all ICNAF documents had the designation "Meeting Documents", with no distinction between those presented for consideration at scientific meetings and those for consideration by commissioners. From 1965 to 1972, meeting documents were issued in two series, designated as "Commissioners' Documents" and "Research Documents".

Starting in 1973, a further subdivision occurred with the issue of the "Summary Documents" series, to which were assigned all mid-term reports of meetings of the Commission and of its committees, subcommittees and working groups, all research and statistical papers prepared by the ICNAF Secretariat, all national research reports, and reports of meetings of other organizations on matters relevant to ICNAF.

ICNAF - Research Documents

ICNAF - Research Documents - 1974

Doc. No

Serial No.



74/1 3142 FUKUDA, Y. A note on yield allocation in multi-species fisheries (Publ. in ICNAF Res. Bull. No. 12: 83-87)
74/2 3144 PITT, T. K. The Greenland halibut fishery in Subarea 2 and Divisions 3K and 3L
74/3 3145 PITT, T. K. Status of the American plaice fishery in Subarea 2-Division 3K, Division 3M and Subdivision 3Ps)
74/4 3147 MESSTORFF, J. Revised stratification scheme for groundfish surveys in Subarea 2 and Division 3K
74/5 3148 PINHORN, A. T., and L. S. PARSONS Status of the redfish fishery in ICNAF Subarea 2 and Division 3K
74/6 3149 PINHORN, A. T. Preliminary estimates of sustainable yield for Roundnose grenadier (Macrourus rupestris) in ICNAF Subareas 2 and 3
74/7 3150 WINTERS, G. H. Back-calculation of the growth of capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Newfoundland area
74/8 3154 MOORES, J. A., G. H. WINTERS, and L. S. PARSONS Some biological characteristics of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in Newfoundland waters
74/9 3155 STOBO, W. T., and J. J. HUNT Mackerel biology and history of the fishery in Subarea 4
74/10 3156 ANDERSON, E. D. Relative abundance of Atlantic mackerel in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6

Document not issued

74/12 3158 WINTERS, G. H. Rationale for partition of capelin quota in Subareas 2 and 3
74/13 3159 MILLER, D. S., and R. G. HALLIDAY An assessment of the 4X-4W(b) herring stock
74/14 3160 BALKOVOY, V. A., V. A. SUSHIN, and I. K. SIGAEV Preliminary results of herring larval survey on Georges Bank, 15 October-1 November 1973
74/15 3161 SCHNACK, D. Notes on ICNAF Joint Larval Herring Surveys in Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine areas in 1971 and 1972
74/16 3162 SCHNACK, D., and G. JOAKIMSSON Report of ICNAF larval herring cruise, WaltherHerwig, October-November 1973 in Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine areas
74/17 3163 AU, D. W. K. Preliminary report of ICNAF larval herring (Clupea harengus) survey in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank during December 1973
74/18 3164 GRIMM, S. Larval herring distribution in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank, 29 September-20 October 1973
74/19 3165 ANDERSON, E. D. Assessment of red hake in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
74/20 3166 POPE, J. G. A possible alternative method to virtual population analysis for the calculation of fishing mortality from catch at age data + Addendum
74/21 3168 HALLIDAY, R. G. A review of the biology of the Atlantic argentine with particular reference to the Scotian Shelf
74/22 3169 SHEVCHUK, L. I. Assessment of total and natural mortality of argentine (Argentina silusAscanius) in the Browns Bank area
74/23 3170 SHEVCHUK, L. I. The optimum level of exploitation and an approximate assessment of argentine stocks (Argentina silusAscanius) in the Browns Bank area
74/24 3171 HALLIDAY, R. G. The cod stocks of the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence and Sydney Bight (ICNAF Div. 4T-4Vn)
74/25 3172 HALLIDAY, R. G. A virtual population assessment of the Div. 4X offshore cod stock
74/26 3173 DOUBLEDAY, W. G. Bias in two length frequency formulae
74/27 3174 HALLIDAY, R. G. A description of Canadian fisheries in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6, 1969-72
74/28 3175 CARROTHERS, P. J. G. Descriptions of trawl-gear used for demersal species by the Canadian fleet in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 during the period 1969 through 1972
74/29 3176 BRENNAN, J. A. Preliminary evaluation of the present USA sampling scheme of yellowtail flounder for estimating the number at age in the landed catch
74/30 3177 GROSSLEIN, M. D. A first approximation of MSY for spiny dogfish in Subareas 5 and 6 and Division 4X
74/31 3178 REEVES, J. E. Comparisons of long-term yields from catch quotas and effort quotas under conditions of variable recruitment
74/32 3179 BOWMAN, E. W., and K. A. SMITH A summary description of USA fisheries in Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 for the period 1969-72
74/33 3180 HEYERDAHL, E. G., and M. D. GROSSLEIN Status of pre-recruit abundance estimates for major species in Subareas 5 and 6
74/34 3181 REEVES, J. E. Costs of surveying recruits to the Georges Bank herring fishery
74/35 3221 CHALMERS, R. J., and W. R. MUNRO Trends in Scottish salmon and grilse catches, 1952-71
74/36 3222 SWAIN, A. A report on the smolt tagging carried out in European countries with particular reference to recaptures made off Greenland in 1972 and comparable home-water recaptures
74/37 3223 SWAIN, A. Further report on the analysis of age, length and weight data collected during the International Salmon Tagging Experiment, 1972
74/38 3224 RUGGLES, C. P., J. RITTER, and R. HARGER Some preliminary tables and graphs summarizing North American smolt tagging experiments, prepared for the March 1974 Meeting of ICES/ICNAF Joint Working Party of North Atlantic Salmon
74/39 3225 RUGGLES, C. P. Abundance of Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick rivers in 1973
74/40 3226 LEAR, W. H., and E. J. SANDEMAN Use of scale characters and a discriminant function for identifying continental origin of Atlant1c salmon
74/41 3227 LEAR, W. H., and O. CHRISTENSEN Selectivity and relative efficiency of salmon drift nets
74/42 3228 PIPPY, J. H. C. The value of parasites as biological tags in Atlantic salmon at West Greenland
74/43 3229 CHRISTENSEN , O., and W. H. LEAR Distribution and abundance of salmon at West Greenland
74/44 3230 CHRISTENSEN, O., and W. H. LEAR By-catches in salmon drift nets at West Greenland in 1972
74/45 3231 JENSEN, J. M. Report on recaptures from the International Salmon Tagging Experiment at West Greenland 1972; analysis of smolts tagged in home waters and recaptured at West Greenland, 1972
74/46 3232 SMED, J. The temperature of the waters off Southwest Greenland during the International Salmon Tagging Experiment in 1972
74/47 3253 PIPPY, J. H. C., and P. von BANNING Identification of Anisakis larva (I) as Anisakis simplex (Rud., 1809, det. Krabbe, 1878) (Nematoda: Ascaridata)
74/48 3255 BOWERING, W. R., and T. K. PITT An assessment of with (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) for ICNAF Divisions 2J-3KL + Addendum
74/49 3256 MERCER, M. C. Modified Leslie-DeLury assessments of the northern pilot whale (Globicephala melaena) and annual production of the short-finned squid (llIex illecebrosus) based upon their interaction at Newfoundland
74/50 3259 PAULMIER, G. Preliminary observations on commercial squid (Loligo pealei LeSueur and Illex illecebrosus LeSueur) on Georges Bank, R/V Cryoscruise, September-October 1973
74/51 3260 SIGAEV, I. K. Characteristic features of the hydrological conditions on the Nova Scotia Shelf and Georges Bank, 1972
74/52 3261 BRYANTSEV, V. A. Water temperatures in the Nova Scotia Shelf and Georges Bank areas, 1960-68
74/53 3262 KOVALYOV, S. M., and V. V. SOKHNOV Results of Soviet investigations on sand eel on Newfoundland Grand Bank and near West Greenland in 1971-73
74/54 3263 CHEKHOVA, V. A. Groundfish trawl survey in the Newfoundland area in 1973
74/55 3264 POSTOLAKY, A. I. Distribution of cod eggs in the south Labrador and north Newfoundland areas in 1973
74/56 3269 BERTHOME, J. P. Comparative study of the stock distribution of' yellowtail (Limanda ferruginea Storer 1839) on Nova Scotia and Georges Banks
74/57 3270 MINET, J. P., G. PAULMIER, and J. C. POULARD Distribution of larval herring in Georges Bank and off southern Nova Scotia, September 1973
74/58 3271 DECAMPS, P., and D. BRIAND Results of studies on herring of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and Banquereau and Georges Banks
74/59 3273 MESSIEH, S. N. Problems of ageing Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus L.) in the ICNAF Area
74/60 3274 MESSIEH, S. N. Growth of the otoliths of young herring (Clupea harengus L.) in the Bay of Fundy (ICNAF Div. 4X)
74/61 3275 RAU, N. Eggs and larvae of cod and haddock on Browns Bank, Georges Bank, and Nantucket Shoals, 26 February-11 March 1973

Document not issued

74/63 3283 DOMMASNES, A., T. MONSTAD, and G. SANGOLT The Norwegian capelin fishery on Grand Banks, Newfoundland, 1973 (The Nordglobal Expedition)
74/64 3284 RIKHTER, V. A. A forecasting method and an approximate estimate of total allowable catch of red hake from Southern New England in 1974-75
74/65 3285 RIKHTER, V. A. The estimation of total allowable catch of red hake from the Georges Bank for 1975
74/66 3288 HALLIDAY, R. G. A note on research vessel survey biomass estimates for the Scotian Shelf
74/67 3292 ROBINSON, G. A., J. M. COLEBROOK, and G. A. COOPER The Continuous Plankton Recorder Surveys: plankton in the ICNAF Area in 1973
74/68 3293 DAMKAER, D. M., and D. W. K. AU A preliminary investigation of the food of larval herring from Georges Bank
74/69 3299 PITT, T. K. Assessment of American plaice from Subarea 2 and Division 3K
74/70 3303 SCHLITZ, R. J., and M. D. GROSSLEIN Proposal for a coordinated ICNAF environmental research program
74/71 3304 TEMPLEMAN, W. Temperatures and salinities in the eastern Newfoundland area in 1973
74/72 3305 AU, D. W. K., and T. L. MORRIS Report of larval herring surveys in the Gulf of Maine and on Georges Bank during December 1973 and February 1974 conducted by R/V Albatross IV
74/73 3306 PITT, T. K. Updated estimates of total allowable catches of several flatfish stocks for Subarea 2 and 3
74/74 3307 HERMANN, F. Hydrographic conditions off West Greenland during 1973
74/75 3308 PINHORN, A. T., and T. K. PITT Results of groundfish surveys on Grand Bank and St. Pierre Bank, 1971-73
74/76 3309 WINTERS, G. H., and J. S. CAMPBELL Some biological aspects and population parameters of Grand Bank capelin
74/77 3310 WINTERS, G. H. Supplementary report on ICNAF Herring Otolith Exchange, 1971-72 (ICNAF Res. Doc. 72/92)
74/78 3311 PARSONS, L. S., and D. G. PARSONS An evaluation of the status of Flemish Cap redfish
74/79 3312 PARSONS, L. S., and D. G. PARSONS Some observations on Subarea 2 + Division 3K, Divisions 3L-N and Division 3O redfish
74/80 3313 PARSONS, L. S., and D. G. PARSONS Yield per recruit assessment of ICNAF Division 3P redfish
74/81 3316 GIEDZ, M. The size of sample in calculating the length composition of herring in Polish commercial catches on Georges Bank during the period from August to October 1973
74/82 3318 HERMANN, F. Proposal for standard hydrographic sections in the West Greenland area
74/83 3319 POPE, J. G. Contribution to the problem of designing length sampling schemes for the New England silver hake
74/84 3320 SMIDT, E. Notes on the distribution of Greenland halibut in the Northwest Atlantic
74/85 3321 KAPEL, F. O. New data on hunting for hooded seals and age composition of catches in South Greenland
74/86 3322 HORSTED, Sv. Aa. Subarea 1 cod: estimates of yield 1974-76
74/87 3323 MERCER, M. C., and G. PAULMIER Distribution and biological characteristics of the short-finned squid (Illex illecebrosus) on the continental shelf of Subareas 3 and 4 in May-June 1973
74/88 3324 LOPEZ-VEIGA, E. C., and A. VAZQUEZ Some observations on board two Spanish pair trawlers
74/89 3325 PINHORN, A. T., and R. WELLS Calculation of total allowable catches (TACs) for 1975 for cod stocks in Subareas 2 and 3
74/90 3326 ULLTANG, Ø. On management of a capelin fishery
74/91 3327 HALLIDAY, R. G. Current status of the ICNAF Division 4X haddock stock
74/92 3328 HARE, G. M., and A. C. KOHLER Pre-recruit indices of abundance and predicted numbers of recruits in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence cod stock
74/93 3329 HUNT, J. J. Comparison of the otolith length/width ratio of herring in ICNAF Subareas 4 and 5
74/94 3330 BECKETT, J. S., W. T. STOBO, and C. A. DICKSON Southwesterly migration of Atlantic mackerel, Scomber scombrus, tagged off Nova Scotia
74/95 3331 STOBO, W. T. The Canadian herring fishery in Div. 4VW(a): analysis of the 1973-74 catch, and the distribution of fishing activity and catch per unit effort for 1971-74
74/96 3332 GROSSLEIN, M. D. Bottom trawl survey methods of the Northeast Fisheries Center, Woods Hole, Mass., USA
74/97 3333 Document transferred to Sum. Doc. 74/35
74/98 3334 TIBBETTS, A. M. Observations on squid stocks of ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
74/99 3335 PARRACK, M. Status review of ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6 yellowtail flounder stocks
74/100 3336 ANDERSON, E. D. Comments on the delineation of red and silver hake stocks in ICNAF Subarea 5 and Statistical Area 6
74/101 3337 BROWN, B. E. Species mixture in the boundary areas between 5Ze and 5Zw
74/102 3338 HUNT, J. J. Mean weight and growth of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in the Subarea 4 Canadian fishery in 1973
74/103 3339 WELLS, R. Some notes on the Labrador-Northeast Newfoundland cod stock with special reference to the inshore fisheries
74/104 3340 WELLS, R., and A. T. PINHORN Some implications of closure of Hamilton Inlet Bank to the commercial cod fishery during the spawning season
74/105 3341 SCHNACK, D. Summary report of the 1973 ICNAF Joint Larval Herring Survey in the Georges Bank-Gulf of Maine areas
74/106 3343 DOUBLEDAY, W. G. A probability model for commercial catch sampling
74/107 3345 ROBE, R. Q. Circulation east of the Grand Banks, 1973 + Addendum
74/108 3346 ISAKOV, V. I. The estimation of natural mortality and optimum fishing intensity of mackerel from the New England area
74/109 3347 SHEMINA, E. I. On estimating the reliability of data on age composition of fish population obtained by means of age key
74/110 3348 NICHY, F. E. Bibliography of age validation studies
74/111 3349 PINHORN, A. T., and R. G. HALLIDAY Bibliography of age validation studies with comments on ageing problems for stocks of commercial importance in ICNAF Subareas 2-4
74/112 3353 BRENNAN, J. A. Report on sampling of commercial landings of haddock taken from Georges Bank, 1973
74/113 3354 YUDANOV, K. I., J. B. SUOMALA, JR., V. M. VOROBYOV, and K. A. SMITH Preliminary report of the first joint USA-USSR hydroacoustic experiment in the ICNAF Convention Area, 11 March-15 April 1974
74/114 3357 MacLEAN, D. A. A note concerning the Canadian Atlantic fishery statistical system
74/115 3360 ANDERSON, E. D., and H. DORNHEIM A preliminary report on the joint FRG-USA juvenile herring survey by R/V Walther Herwig in ICNAF Divisions 4X and 5Z in March-April 1974 with a comparison with the 1973 FRG juvenile herring survey
74/116 3364 SERGEANT, D. E. A rediscovered we1ping population of hooded seals, Cystophora cristata Erxleben, and its possible relationship to other populations
74/117 3365 SERGEANT, D. E., and W. HOEK Harp and hooded seals tagged and branded by Canada, 1971-74
74/118 3391 DOUBLEDAY, W. G. The calculation of numbers caught at age from commercial catch landings
74/119 3372 SCHULTZ, H. The fecundity of Georges Bank herring in 1971
74/120 3373 BORRMANN, H. Statistical analysis for sampling mackerel in the ICNAF Area

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